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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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CLEAN LIFESTYLE WASHER / DRYER ROBOT CLEANERS VACCUM CLEANERS IRONS GERMANY CONTINUES TO DRIVE EUROPEAN APPLIANCE MARKET 3% Rise in MAJAPS for Germany Within Europe, Germany is the main engine of growth in the domestic appliance market. The positive economic development in conjunction with historically low interest rates continues to ensure a sound basis for further growth. In the first half of 2014, unit sales were 3% above the previous year's figure, representing an increase of 4% in value terms (euros). The trend towards particularly efficient, high volume domestic appliances has continued. Convenience features, such as flexible induction technology for hobs, are gradually achieving a higher degree of market penetration. INNOVATION DRIVES MARKET Features that make devices easier to use are driving sales. An example is the Tefal Freemove - The first powerful cordless iron by Tefal offers all the freedom of a cordless iron with no compromise on performance with results equivalent to those of a corded 2600W iron. Clean It, Wash It, The Road to Clean Retail Profits Markets for “everything that cleans” are booming – see the latest at IFA According to analysts GfK, volume sales in the global market for major domestic appliances (excluding North America) were up 2%. In terms of revenue, the industry even registered growth of 4% (basis: U.S. dollars). While sales on the European market picked up on the whole, both volume and value sales in the Middle East and South America declined. In Africa, the number of units sold decreased slightly, but was offset by positive revenue development. Asia continues to be the most dynamic region, driven by strong growth in the key markets of China, India and Japan. The market for handheld vacuum cleaners is booming in Western Europe and continues the positive trend of previous years. This product flew off the shelves in the UK, but also in Germany and France. This success is driven in particular by the immense interest in rechargeable handhelds. In the largest segment of traditional cylinder vacuum cleaners, bagless cleaning systems continued to see steady growth in Western Europe. Bagless vacuum cleaners are especially popular in the UK and Spain, where consumers are very likely to choose a bagless over a bagged vacuum cleaner. Although the first big wave for robotic vacuum cleaners is fading overall, besides continuously increasing minor markets as the UK and the Netherlands, Spain and Germany also showed healthy growth over the last twelve months. Another new and dynamic market is window cleaners. Sales in value more than doubled in the five major European markets over the past two years. Though household sizes are decreasing, the loading capacity of washing machines is continuously increasing in Western Europe. The benefits of these big washing machines are more flexibility, gentle washing and high energyefficiency. More than 60% of the >7kg machines are rated A+++ in Western Europe. Another growing segment is Washer Dryers, combiappliances which combine the WASH’N’DRY? Volume sales in the global market for major domestic appliances were up 2% in term of revenue functionalities of both washing and drying. However, this is still a niche market in Europe. Following a sharp slump in the previous year, revenues in the Western European linen care market recovered over the first six months of 2014 and were up 2% year-on-year, according to the latest figures from GfK. Growth was recorded in the two most important segments of traditional steam irons (+1%) and generators (+4%), with development in the latter particularly positive in the UK (+53%) and for irons with features such as permanent water refill and cordless function. IFA International • Saturday 6 th & Sunday 7 th September 2014 23

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