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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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BUYERS' GUIDE WASHER / DRYER STATE OF PLAY Generally more expensive than a stand-alone washing machine or dryer, but cheaper than buying both, combo laundry appliances have become popular as apartment dwellers and first home buyers seek a solution that is both costeffective and suitable for small areas or even placement in the kitchen’s dishwasher cavity. MARKET The trend to larger capacities and more efficient models continues. More than 60% of washing machines with >7 kg capacity are labeled with A+++. WASHING MACHINES WESTERN EUROPE > 7kg loading capacity: Sales Share of A+++ increases continuously 37% 52% 62% Jan 12 - Jun 12 Jan 13 - Jun 13 Jan 14 - Jun 14 KEY SELLING POINTS TECHNOLOGY The convenience of being able to deposit soiled clothing and take out freshly laundered and ready to wear garments is central to the combo’s appeal. A user will, however, have to accept a compromise in the capacities they are able to wash and dry: the most expensive models are ‘only’ 5.5kg for washing and 2.5kg for drying. The introduction of smart technology is enabling consumers to control combo laundry appliances from their smartphone or tablet, meaning the whole process of cleaning and drying can be timed and monitored remotely, ensuring the customer has the clothes they need at the time they are required. FEATURES Auto-dosing programs sense the weight of a load and the type of clothes and can thereby apply the optimal amount of detergent; ensuring clothes are washed sufficiently while saving the user money in consumables. Manufacturers are overcoming the problem of double the amount of dirt build-up by integrating automating drum-cleaning programs, with alerts so the user knows when this is required. Steam injection technology provides for fast cycles — great for office wear — that refresh garments and remove odours and light stains for wearing again. This is great technology for saving water and power. INNOVATING @ IFA DESIGN Keep an eye out for the shapes etched into the drum. There are diamonds, hourglasses, honeycombs and rhombuses, all designed to maximise how water moves through the machine. Designs are becoming more eye-catching, with steel fascias and spaceblue doors becoming more prominent. Appearance is particularly important if the combo appliance is being used in an openplan apartment or the kitchen. CONTACT Martina Sedlmaier Key Account Manager Major Domestic Appliances GfK Retail and Technology SIEMENS IQ700 WD14H520GB Siemen’s iQ 700 WasherDryer features the ultra-efficient airCondensation technology and stain removal system. Sensor-controlled wash programs offer the most efficient water usage with any load size - thanks to the water management system. There are 21 programs in total and a maximum spin speed of 1400rpm. These programs include include handwash and wool programs as well as textile guard reproofing. The 15-minute quick wash setting offers fast results. » HALL 1.1 STAND 101 THE FUTURE Improvements in energy efficiency will bring combos up to speed with stand-alone appliances, saving water on the wash cycle and power when drying. Capacities need to improve if combos are to challenge individual machines for large households. Until there are compromises when choosing a combo, they will remain mostly a convenience appliance for space- and price-sensitive customers. MIELE WT2796 WPM The WT2780 offers excellent washing, spinning and drying performance and the very best of Miele’s washing machine and tumble dryer features in one appliance. It is also kind to the environment and has cost-saving potential, being cold-fill only and using just 45 litres in a standard cotton wash, contributing to its A+ rating for energy efficiency. Automatic load adjustment ensures further savings on water, electricity and time, and there's even a detergent dispensing recommendation. » HALL 2.1 / STAND 101 IFA International • Saturday 6 th & Sunday 7 th September 2014 27

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