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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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CLEAN LIFESTYLE WASHER / DRYER PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT UNIQUE SELLING POINTS ENERGY EFFICIENT SMART TECHNOLOGY GRUNDIG WASHING MACHINES Top washing results with maximum energy efficiency are the features promised by Grundig in its new GWN 58474 C automatic washing machine and GWD 59400 full washer/dryer. Intelligent technologies play a significant role, such as the ProDose technology featured in the GWN 58474 C, which automatically determines the dosage of detergent required in accordance with the type of laundry and degree of soiling. » HALL 23 / STAND 101 PROGRAM OPTIONS ULTIMATECARE APPLIANCES Bauknecht has unveiled its UltimateCare appliances – washing machines and dryers that the company claims treat the colours, form and texture of laundry more gently than any other appliance. This is made possible by the design of the UltimateCare gentle drum, which lifts the washing on 1500 micro-water cushions and moves it around with especially low friction using gentle paddles and innovative Softmove technology. » HALL 7.1A / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS GENTLER TECHNOLOGY Softmove technology protects fibres against damage, resulting in gentle washing and drying. CUTTING COSTS The appliances combine a gentle, low-friction UltimateCare drum with efficient programs that ensure perfect results while saving costs. DRYER TECHNOLOGY Patented dryer technology for top drying performance. The GWN 58474 C automatic washing machine exceeds the requirements for energy efficiency class A+++ by 40%. Built-in sensors detect the amount and type of textiles in the washing machine drum and automatically select the best program. The GWD 59400 full washer/dryer offers a choice of 16 wash and drying programs. HISENSE WASHING MACHINE Hisense’s new washing machines are on display at IFA 2014 and feature a variety of innovations to help ensure stress-free and environmentally-friendly washing. These include the inverter technology, built into the 8KG 1400RPM Inverter and other models. As well as reducing vibration and sound, this feature also saves energy and extends the durability of the washing machine motor. » HALL 6.2/ STAND 202 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS ENERGY EFFICIENT LOW VIBRATION ERGONOMIC DISPLAY Inverter technology saves energy and extends the durability of the washing machine motor. Radically reduced vibration and sound is achieved via the Inverter technology. The well-organised display on the WFU7012 model allows for numerous settings, for everything from temperature to rotation speed. IFA International • Saturday 6 th & Sunday 7 th September 2014 29

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