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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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BUYERS' GUIDE ROBOT CLEANERS STATE OF PLAY Robots have come a long way since the early models that relied on sweeping, rather than sucking, to gather dust; and bumping into walls and furniture, instead of mapping technology. Consumers are drawn to a robot’s convenience to avoid one of life’s most onerous chores. MARKET Robot vacs are gaining ground in the European market. According to GfK, in 2013, these devices accounted for 8% of the total market, compared to 6% in 2011. Sandler Research meanwhile forecasts overall market growth of 16% per year through 2018. The forecast for the residential robotic vacuum cleaner market in Germany is for growth at a CAGR of 10.10% and 9.89% in terms of unit shipment and value respectively during the period 2013-2018. Pithy Facts: It is reported that nearly half of average consumers in the market don’t think a robotic vacuum cleaner would clean as well as a regular vacuum cleaner. Overall, only 13% of people surveyed by one analyst say they enjoyed vacuuming. Demand: Susan Eustis, lead author of one major study said, “Recent robotics related innovations mean demand for robots is from a broader part of the potential customer base. Use of robots for cleaning is becoming more accepted. Products are becoming more diverse. With the technical improvements in sensors, visualisation, and in the fields of robotic hobby, recreation, and warfare, robots are becoming less expensive and more adaptive to the cleaning task. Technology related to robot core functioning depends on precision parts. Sensor technology is the base of research development in the field of household personal robots. Internet communications infrastructure is expected to advance the domestic personal robot market.” KEY SELLING POINTS TECHNOLOGY Attractively high-tech and self-sufficient, a good robot will use sensors to create a map of the house it is cleaning, learning where the walls, furniture and fixtures are placed so it can create a navigable path for cleaning thoroughly. Higher-end models now feature fencing technology, whereby at the push of a button, the robot knows not to enter a particular area, such as where a baby’s play pen is located. Cliff sensors have been introduced to stop robots from falling down stairs and to steer away from other potential calamities. MIELE SCOUT RX1 FEATURES Top-facing camera. This feature allows the device to map a room and clean more efficiently. While Run times are now exceeding 120 minutes on some premium models, other robots have much shorter battery times – 20- to-30 minutes – because the suction power is much stronger. Robots are comfortably the quietest style of vacuum cleaner and most now can operate while the user is at home, without interrupting TV watching, reading or sleeping children. INNOVATING @ IFA Miele’s first robot vacuum, the Scout is characterised by Smart Navigation, good cleaning performance and the excellent charge and durability of its lithium-ion battery pack. The Scout RX1 incorporates a systematic navigation system which covers the area to be cleaned in parallel tracks instead of randomly criss-crossing the room, the more common approach adopted by the majority of models which use chaotic navigation. The Scout RX1’s systematic navigation system achieves more reliable coverage while saving time and battery power. » HALL 2.1 STAND 101 DESIGN Be mindful of how tall a robot is: if the cleaner is too high from the ground, it won’t be able to get under beds, sofas and other lowlying furniture. Square shaped robots appear best for cleaning in corners; however, some circular cleaners now have sweepers that protrude to reach into right angles and other difficult places. Recharging bases that double as dustbins mean robots can collect twice as much dust and dirt between emptying, and require even less involvement by the user. MONEUAL ME770 THE FUTURE Suction quality will improve as manufacturers spend more money on R&D and more suppliers enter this category. In time, the robot will become more functional as dustbin capacities increase, run times become longer and, most importantly, their power to clean carpets improves. The latest product in MONEUAL's Better Home, Better Life line, the ME770 uses Smart Vision Mapping to outline a wall-to-wall path, ensuring every surface and corner is covered. ME770 also uses the innovative top-facing camera to figure out the shape of the room, keeping track of landmarks on the ceiling to determine where it's been and where it still needs to go. » HALL 9 / STAND 116 IFA International • Saturday 6 th & Sunday 7 th September 2014 31

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