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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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CLEAN LIFESTYLE ROBOT CLEANERS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT UNIQUE SELLING POINTS © Neato BotVac UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Smart Mapping Neato’s patented laser mapping technology scans and plans the most efficient vacuuming course 2 Best for Pet Hair Cited by CNET as the best robot vacuum for picking up pet hair 3 A Real Vacuum powerful suction give users manual vacuum cleaner power 1 Point Cleaning function Users can beam down on a certain spot with a remote control to highlight dirty and dusty areas 2 FullView Sensor allows speedy and smooth movement by avoiding obstacles and minimising blind spots 3 Superior suction power Digital Inverter Technology delivers up to 60 times more suction than conventional cleaners ©Samsung Powerbot VR9000 NEATO BOTVAC Neato’s stylish new family of highperformance home robots uses advanced robotic technology and thoughtful design to vacuum homes thoroughly and methodically, making them among the most intelligent and powerful home robots available on the market. Neato robots are built from the ground up to be true vacuums, not sweepers. » HALL 6.1 / STAND 116 SAMSUNG POWERBOT VR9000 Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of the Powerbot VR9000, a next generation cleaning device that provides hands-free automated floor cleaning. With strong suction power and convenience thanks to the latest technologies, Samsung aim to conquers the limitations of conventional robot vacuums. » CITYCUBE BERLIN LEVEL 2 / STAND 101 BRITA Integrated Solutions: Exceptional water quality and aromatic hot drinks thanks to integrated filtration Millions of people around the world trust BRITA to optimise their drinking water. Our expertise and dedication is a key factor in ensuring the improvement of the flavour and appearance of hot drinks such as tea or coffee. Additionally, BRITA filtered water protects high-quality electrical appliances against the build-up of limescale, ensuring both a longer service life and lower energy consumption. As a complement to the proven table-top water filters from BRITA, the collaboration between BRITA and prestigious manufacturers provides consumers with small and large electrical appliances that are fitted with integrated water filter systems. Premium brands like Bosch, Cloer, Philips Senseo, Russell Hobbs, Saeco, Samsung and Siemens use BRITA filter systems in automatic coffee machines, espresso machines, kettles and water dispensers to reap the benefits of BRITA filtered water. As well as improved taste and protection for appliances, the practical 2-in-1 aspect is particularly useful in private homes: filtration and the preparation of hot drinks is done in one simple step, which saves both time and space. Countless premium brands rely on the decades of experience and expertise which BRITA offers. The experts in the field of drinking water optimisation and personalisation, who enjoy success on a global scale, do not only offer their partners reliable, top product quality and integration expertise, but also access to a well-maintained distribution network and targeted support when marketing new products. For more information please visit ADVERTORIAL Our partners at IFA Hall 3.1 / Stand 101 Hall 6.1/ Stand 121 Hall 22 / Stand 101 Hall 3.1 / Stand 104 Hall CCB Hall 1.1 / Stand 101 32

BUYERS' GUIDE BAGLESS VACUUM CLEANERS STATE OF PLAY The convenience of not having to regularly buy new dustbags and the perceived technical advantages of bagless – especially cyclonic – vacuums have seen this style overtake bagged to become the most popular in developed markets. MARKET In European markets, overall sales of vacuum cleaners are rather static, with volume decline in demand for conventional models. However Germany has been experiencing positive growth particularly in the areas of bagless and handheld models. KEY SELLING POINTS TECHNOLOGY New European rules state that no vacuum cleaner can be marketed with more than 1,600 watts of power. Furthermore, all vacuums will receive an independent energy efficiency rating between A and G, which must be displayed on the packaging. All vacuum cleaners have filters to stop tiny particles being exhausted by the appliance. On most bagless vacs, the user must clean these filters regularly, and then replace them every 12 months. New models are now on the market that do not require the filter to be washed or replaced, which means these bagless models have no consumable elements. FEATURES Bagless stick vacs are ideal for quick cleaning in between the major weekly job while handheld units are great for spot cleaning. Not having bags makes these cleaners fuss-free and global trends show consumers are willing to buy and use more than one model. Easy to open latches and dust compacting functions mean users are less and less exposed to nasties in the air when emptying bagless vacuums. A wide range of accessories will add to a bagless vacuum’s attractiveness at the point of sale. Hard floor and petspecific nozzles, upholstery tools, extension hoses, lampshade dusters and even dog groomers are now becoming standard. DESIGN Manoeuvrability is a key factor on a good bagless vacuum. Soft wheels on castors can allow for easier pulling through the home, without doing damage to the floor or furniture, and units built around a ball design can make swinging turns without toppling over. Essential information when comparing vacuum cleaners include hose and cord length, dust canister capacity and, if appropriate, battery-run times. These act as useful benchmarks for comparing how practical each model will be to the end-user. Bagless technology is also being used in upright, stick and hand vacuums, creating a family of appliances with complementary designs but different purposes. Value Share of Cylinder Bag/BaglessType in EU6 for HY1 2014 54% 36% 20% 31% DE FR GB IT Bagless Bag 20% ES 58% NL INNOVATING @ IFA ROWENTA SILENCE FORCE MULTI-CYCLONIC The latest Rowenta vacuum revolution is here with the Silence Force Multi- Cyclonic, employing a two-stage process to separate the dust from the air, and a suspended motor to reduce vibration. This multi-cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner offers extreme performance with no loss of suction and an unmatched level of silence. » SOUTH ENTRANCE / STAND 101 CONTACT Udo Jansen Global Director Small Domestic Appliances GfK Retail and Technology THE FUTURE Suction, suction, suction! Bagless vacuum technology will continue to grow in popularity while the suction remains superior to bagged cleaners. Expect to see the convenience of bagless used in specialist cleaners for furniture, fittings, outdoor areas and pets. DIRT DEVIL’S REBEL 52 The Rebel 52 is a new compact multicyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner, introduced for the first time at IFA. The Rebel 52 comes in two versions: one for hard floor or bare floor brush, and a second basic version. The basic model comes in a polar white finish and the bare-floor version is metallic grey, and comes complete with a combination as well as a bare-floor brush. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 102 IFA International • Saturday 6 th & Sunday 7 th September 2014 33

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