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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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GERMAN SPEAKING COUNTRIES Region Loewe’s Future Assured A new galaxy of possibilities opens up with Stargate LOEWE PERFECTLY POSITIONED FOR INTELLIGENT NETWORKS ‘Never Stop Beginning’ is the theme for Loewe at IFA 2014 as the company presents a completely new range of products, including an exclusive line of UHD TVs. Foremost among this range is the Loewe Reference, a high-end smart TV whose picture quality is matched by audio quality. “This product could easily become the new Loewe icon,” said Mark Hüsges, CEO and Managing Director of Loewe, who added that the company is perfectly positioned for the rapid growth of intelligent networks. Another new launch is the 65-inch Masterpiece, the company's newest generation of designer televisions, a curved TV that virtually places the viewer in the centre of the action. Mark Hüsges CEO & Managing Partner, Loewe Hall 6.2 Stand 201 After difficult times in the past couple of years, new life was breathed into the premium German TV maker, Loewe, this year thanks to the solid backing of Stargate Capital GmbH. Stargate’s co-founder, Mark Hüsges tells us more about his organisation. We have two partners, Dr Boris Levin and myself. We are not a private equity fund. We see ourselves more as a logical sequence to a family-owned business, and that’s the way we want to lead a business as well. That’s why we are heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of a company. We don’t just appear once a month and look at the figures. We are fully involved in all aspects and all processes of the company. The majority of our investment capital comes from our own funds. Therefore, our decision process is fast and straightforward - during the investment phase and while operating our companies together with the management team. We are committed to only one objective: long-term value creation. How did you become involved in the Loewe project? It actually dates back quite some time. I was involved in the original IPO of the company in 1991, and ever since, I have followed the company and its fate. There were ups and downs, as we all know. Then a little under two years ago we were approached by someone asking whether we could be interested in Loewe. At that time it was right for us, but then at the beginning of 2013, the dialogue intensified, and finally it ended up in a transaction in which we took over the company. So it was quite a long process. I have been a fan of Loewe since I was a little boy. Loewe is part of the industrial heritage of Germany. We are seeing a lot of involvement in the TV business of string companies in China, Korea and Japan. What is your stance in this regard? This is a market where you have to work with partners. There are a lot of strong partners in Asia, and of course the Koreans have dominated the market over the past couple of years. But I believe the Chinese will make a very strong mark in the future as well. We will cooperate with numerous companies. We have some very strong business partnerships, one of which is with Hisense, as most people in the business know. Nevertheless, the product that people get from Loewe is a pure Loewe product. The positive thing about the Hisense cooperation, and what makes it mutually beneficial, is that on the one hand it gives us far better access to certain suppliers, it gives us the advantage of working on the basis of much higher quantities – Loewe is still a niche product of course. And on the other side, it gives Hisense a tremendous opportunity entering the European market, so I believe this cooperation is very beneficial to both sides. How important is it for Loewe to be a true “made in Germany” product? Indeed, we do all our manufacturing here. What the consumer sees is a real “Made in Germany” product, of which we are quite proud. We believe for a lot of people this is important – if the product is right. And we believe on Mark Hüsges CEO & Managing Partner, Loewe the other hand that with a product made in Germany, you can be quite successful in some international markets, particularly in China, which is a core target for us for the future. It appears you have a personal affection for Loewe I have been a fan of Loewe since I was a little boy. Loewe is part of the industrial heritage of Germany. It has always created wonderful products and it will continue to do so in the future. I believe this was the right time for us to get involved as the process of restructuring of the company has gone through. We are not restructuring investors, we are growth investors, and we believe this company is now on a solid growth path. IFA International • Saturday 6 th & Sunday 7 th September 2014 43

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