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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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KITCHEN LIFESTYLE FRIDGES The Art of Minimalism Extended New e-Bodum appliances combine form, function and flair It is no exaggeration to say that Bodum has changed the way people think about every-day objects with its stylish take on coffee presses and tea pots. At IFA, the award-winning Danish company is introducing several new appliances that combine seamless functionality with good looks and an attractive price. CEO Jorgen Bodum reveals all… We are very excited to be able to reveal our e-Bodum electrical kitchen appliances. Bodum has to date produced more than 100 million French coffee presses and 30 million teapots. Now it’s time to show how these classic Bodum products and the new electrical e-Bodum appliances, which include mixers, water kettles and coffee grinders, fit perfectly together in modern kitchens. We are very proud to be offering our historically successful combination of functionality, design and price in all our products in Berlin this September. What new products are you the most proud of? The new product I like best is our water kettle with doublewall glass. We devised this particular product because many people are worried about plastic when it comes to cooking or doing anything that involves heat, which is why our double-wall glass kettle uses as little plastic as possible. Instead, the kettle is made of borosilicate glass, an extremely neutral material that is guaranteed to keep the water absolutely pure. At the same time — and in typical Bodum style — we used as little design Joergen Bodum CEO Bodum as possible. I have always thought, and continue to believe, that combinations like this set Bodum apart in the market. Over your time “at the helm” of BODUM, what have been the highlights? Since I took over Bodum back in 1974 at the age of 24 there have been many important milestones for our company, quite a few awards and many product highlights. But one thing that has remained the same throughout all these years and it is the thing that makes me most proud is that all over the world, people still love to prepare their coffee with our French coffee presses. How important is IFA as part of your global marketing plan? The Home Appliances section of IFA has developed into a very important international trade fair for the sector. Every year we go there, we are delighted to see that visitors are not only interested in e-Bodum but also in the brand Bodum and in our complete product portfolio. Passage Hall 4.1/6.1 Stand 101 “The new product I like best is our water kettle with double-wall glass” DEVELOPING ‘STORES IN STORES’ Bodum has just opened 900 ‘shops in shops’ with JC Penney in the US. In Germany, the Danish manufacturer is also working with this concept in several Karstadt department stores. Alongside the shops, Bodum continues to work closely with the retail trade and all of its partners. “The important thing is to be visible and therefore in the mind of the consumer across a wide range of different points of sale”, says Bodum. BISTRO ELECTRIC WATER KETTLE Isn’t it nice to have some transparency in our complex everyday lives? In this case it’s just a water kettle that’s letting you in on its inner workings but it sure makes for a promising start into the new day. See the water bubbling up in this double-wall glass kettle and it’s crystal clear, the BISTRO is not only an investment in daily tea and coffee pleasures, but in the environment as well. Due to the double-wall system the insulation is better and the water stays hot for a longer time. IFA International • Saturday 7 th & Sunday 8 th September 2013 35

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