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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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KITCHEN LIFESTYLE ADVERTORIAL Panasonic Makes Customers at Home in their Kitchens For most families, the kitchen is the heart of their home. Yet across Europe, the kitchen habits can vary as often as the cultures. At Panasonic, "kitchen culture" becomes an important part of building kitchen appliances that not only get the job done but create great experiences, experiences worthy of the importance of the European kitchen. That’s why Panasonic opened Kitchen Culture Centers across Europe. They created consumer insight hotspots that delve into the variations of European kitchen experiences. The Kitchen Culture Centers ensure continual product testing and research. Their results not only shape product development, but inspire more targeted marketing At Panasonic, "kitchen culture" becomes an important part of building kitchen appliances that not only get the job done but create great experiences communications, and even create impressive recipes. On another customer-centric path, Panasonic also engages in extensive European consumer research, meeting people where they live, cook and shop. The Panasonic Appliance Lifestyle Research Center leads that effort. They specialise in advanced interpretation of consumer feedback for business level strategy and direction. Adding to traditional research activities, the London Panasonic Design Center explores consumer trends from a behavioral and emotional perspective, offering advanced design concepts for product experiences. This synergy of rich consumer insight and advanced technology leads to Panasonic products that enhance lives across diverse European kitchen cultures. the Panasonic fully automatic Espresso machine launching at IFA offers full touch screen functionality for precision personalization of coffee drinks. An example of a consumerinspired product launch is the Panasonic Espresso machine launching at IFA 2013. It offers full touch screen functionality for precision personalization of coffee drinks. Through their consumer insight, Panasonic built this product knowing that high-end coffee consumers desire to accurately control their drink creation, but demand a totally intuitive interface for that control. Another example is the high-end Panasonic DF383 combination microwave oven with technology that cooks more accurately, widens the recipe possibilities, and reduces cooking times. The research showed people value cooking performance but value the speed of cooking equally. We, at Panasonic, have our own recipe for making customers at home in their own kitchens. Hall 5.2 Stand 101 36

KITCHEN LIFESTYLE [ FRIDGES ] Going Big on Built-In Liebherr leverages quality materials for optimum performance Günther Sproll, Head of International Marketing and a long-standing member of the Liebherr- Hausgeraete board of management, tells IFA International about the most important developments at the German premium brand over the last year... [ Interview by Gary Smith ] Liebherr launched a new range of built-in appliances in 2013. About 60 models were redesigned and all deliver outstanding freshness, and are very user friendly and energy efficient. We have achieved this by using the highest quality materials — such as the stainless-steel bar fittings on the door interiors of the Premium range — focusing on the finest detailing, employing easy-to-use and accurate electronic controls, and developing state-ofthe-art manufacturing processes. A key area for development has been optimising energyefficiency levels without compromising convenience features, as is demonstrated by the BioFresh, which keeps food fresher for longer. The new range boasts 12 appliances in the highest A+++ energyefficiency class, including the ICBP 3256 BioFresh combined fridge-freezer and the integrated IKBP 3554 BioFresh refrigerator, which received the 2013 Kitchen Innovation Of The Year consumer award. Liebherr’s free-standing Comfort Biofresh combined fridge-freezers CBP 4043 and CBPesf 4043 are the most energyefficient appliances on the market, boasting energy consumption levels of only 130 kWh. Our Premium range chest freezers have become the first appliances in their product group to be fitted with the innovative SoftSystem closing mechanism. This is integrated into the hinge on the freezer lid and provides gentle cushioning when the appliance is closed. And now, after improvements were made to the energy consumption of the GTP 3156 and GTP 4656 models, the entire Premium chestfreezer range has energyefficiency class A+++ classification. Are quality, design and innovation equal partners in the marketing of your fridges and wine cabinets? Top-class products will only emerge if development capabilities and production facilities reach the highest standards. The strengthening of innovative is therefore particularly important for Liebherr. The brand’s success is not only rooted in consistent sales and marketing strategies, but also in its quality, design and the implementation of forward-thinking ideas. Our goal is to be ‘best in class’ in all areas. One of the ways we do this is to search out the highest quality materials and subject them to rigorous testing, which starts in the design phase. With our refrigerators, quality not only refers to the products themselves, but also to their ability to keep food fresher for longer. For example, our appliances featuring BioFresh technology allow many foods to be stored for up to three times longer than in a normal refrigerator, which is a feature that benefits consumers on a daily basis. Over the years, our refrigerators have come to be regarded as design centrepieces in modern homes.” Hall 2.1 Stand 201 Günther Sproll Head of International Marketing, Liebherr Hausgeraete “Top-class products will only emerge if development capabilities and production facilities reach the highest standards” LIEBHERR AT IFA Liebherr is Europe´s largest privately owned refrigeration manufacturer. It was established in 1954 and nowadays more than 2.2 million appliances leave Liebherr’s various production plants every year. The company offers a uniquely wide range of freestanding and built-in refrigerators and freezers for both household and commercial use. Environmental friendliness is deeply entrenched in the Liebherr culture. New technologies are continually being developed and this work is concentrated not only on ease of use and styling but also on issues such as ecology. Liebherr’s stand at IFA is 201, Hall 2.1 occupying 1.700 m². Quality, attractive design and innovation are at the forefront of the stand. Alongside the big range of fridges, they are also launching wine-cooling devices, which could be used both in households and in commercial venues. Along the ‘Walk of Technology’ IFA visitors can see film and photography explaining Liebherr's refrigeration technology and its development. IFA International • Saturday 7 th & Sunday 8 th September 2013 37

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