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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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KITCHEN LIFESTYLE FRIDGES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT SIEMENS KG39NXI40 A large fridge-freezer with 335-litre capacity, the Siemens KG39NX140 includes a cool-box section set to a lower temperature than the set refrigerator temperature. This means that fish and meat stay fresh for twice as long. A touchsensitive LCD panel on the front door of the fridge lets consumers know the status of the various sections inside. » HALL 1.1 / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS TECHNOLOGY SUSTAINABILITY FOOD PRESERVATION The Siemens noFrost system prevents ice formation in the freezer compartment. The A+++-rated fridge uses only 170kW of electricity a year. Separate departments operating at different temperatures mean food lasts for longer. HAIER FRENCH DOOR The Haier French Door fridge has a giant 690-litre capacity, making it one of the largest energy-efficient fridges on the market. A backlit wall illuminates the entire unit, while touchsensitive technology makes the large fridge doors easy to open. A digital display that fades when not in use informs customers about the freshness of the fridge contents. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 103 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS SPACE APPEARANCE EASE OF USE The French Door is one metre in length, with two freezer compartments. LED lighting and a fading digital interface enhance sleek appearance. Touch sensitive doors mean even heavy compartments open easily. BOSCH SMARTCOOL COLOR The Smartcool Color comes in response to a large Bosch survey conducted earlier this year, which found that consumers want their fridge to complement the designer furniture in the rest of their home. The A+++ Smartcool Color is available in a variety of fashionable colours. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS FINISH TECHNOLOGY DISPLAY VESTEL RETRO C60185NFB Style is very much at the forefront of Vestel’s Retro range, making these static fridges a bright and bold addition to any kitchen. With a capacity of 362 litres, the Vestel Retro is slim, compact and stylish. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 102 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS GLAMOUR QUALITY VALUE Shimmering matt paint available in lime green, stone grey and espresso brown. LowFrost technology reduces the formation of ice in the freezer compartment. Features a LED display system. Available in a range of vibrant colours, including chilli red and pistachio green. Features No-Frost technology. Competitively priced. 40

KITCHEN LIFESTYLE FRIDGES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT MIELE K 30.000 This is the first-ever built-in refrigerator and freezer from Miele. It comes with Miele’s new Perfect Fresh Pro system that keeps fruit, vegetables and meat fresh for longer, without any vitamin depletion. It’s available with A++ and A+++ energy ratings. » HALL 2.1 / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS SAFETY CLEANING DESIGN The fridge is made with a SoftClose anti-slam system. The door racks are all removable and dishwasher-friendly. LED lights are mounted on the front edge of the glass shelves. GRUNDIG GKN 16830 X FRIDGE FREEZER The GKN 16830 X is a self-cleaning fridge-freezer. It uses new technology to maintain good air distribution throughout the appliance and to expel unwanted bacteria. It’s also equipped with a number of settings including ‘holiday’and ‘eco’ which allow users to customise their fridge usage and save energy. » HALL 23 / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS FOOD LONGEVITY CLEANLINESS SAFETY In the Super Fresh Zone the temperature remains at around freezing point. Features include an anti-odour carbon filter. Produces natural negative ions that capture and expel undesirable microorganisms. SAMSUNG FOOD SHOWCASE REFRIGERATOR Samsung’s new Food Showcase Refrigerator features the Twin Cooling Plus System that separates airflow from the refrigerator and the freezer, enabling accurate temperature control, thus improving cooling performance. The refrigerator area is designed to keep fruit and vegetables fresher, longer. The freezer is designed to reduce freezer burn, maintaining the quality of frozen food. » HALL 5.1 / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS CHILD-FRIENDLY FLEXIBILITY DESIGN LIEBHERR NOFROST COMBINED FRIDGE-FREEZER Liebherr has expanded its range of A+++ appliances for 2014. The integrated NoFrost combined fridge-freezer ICNP 3356 is a built-in appliance for niche-size 178cm with an energy consumption of 155kWh. DuoCooling provides two separate cooling circuits, which means that the temperatures in the refrigeration and freezing compartments are independently controlled. The premium appliance features safety glass storage shelves with a stainless steel trim. » HALL 2.1 / STAND 201 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS HANDLING LIGHTING CONTROL The Kids Case allows easy access for children. Compartments can be swapped and interchanged. When the outer door is open it illuminates the kitchen. SoftSystem closing mechanism cushions door closure even when door shelves are fully loaded. LED lighting - also integrated to fruit & veg drawer and freezer – gives a clear overview of the contents. Touch screen electronics give ease of use and display current temperature. IFA International • Saturday 7 th & Sunday 8 th September 2013 41

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