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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA News THE NEWS, VIEWS AND PRODUCTS THAT ARE MAKING HEADLINES IN BERLIN • Energy-efficiency is the “megatrend” in home appliances, said Dr Reinhard Zinkann of industry association ZVEI at the IFA opening press conference. Until 2011, ‘A’ was the highest energy-saving class for washing machines, Zinkann said. By 2012, however, half of all the appliances supplied in Europe conformed to the A++ or A+++ standard. Zinkann also said that, following a year of stagnation, the European home-appliance market is rallying, led by Eastern Europe. • IFA is now one of the world’s top-five media events, Dr Christian Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin, told the press at the IFA opening conference, pointing to the fair’s recording-breaking 2013 attendance statistics. Dr Göke also announced the worldwide debut of Samsung’s smart wristwatch, which can make phone calls, surf the internet and take photos. Other major product launches this year include 3D printers and curved display screens. • Panasonic has entered into a technology development partnership with Slovenian homeappliance manufacture Gorenje, it was announced at IFA by Panasonic Europe’s Laurent Abadie and Gorenje’s Franjo Bobinac. At IFA, the Japanese giant is focusing on improved networking via cloud technology. It is also showcasing the latest generation of 4K devices, such as the WT600 UHD TV with a 4K 50/60p input. Sprint CEO Makes IFA Keynote Sprint’s Dan Hesse flew in especially from USA to give an IFA keynote, proving once again that consumer electronics and the wireless industries need each other. Hesse, an industry visionary and CEO of the global telecommunications giant, shared his ideas on the wireless future, including wearables, connected cars and mobile apps for personal health. Read more this coming Monday in our feature on Nomadic Lifestyle… At the end of a day of keynote big-hitters, the spotlight shone onto Alan Mullaly, President & CEO, Ford Motor Company. The very fact that one of the five biggest automobile manufacturers in the world is appearing at the world’s largest CE show indicates the convergence of hitherto disparate industries. Ford has exhibited at IFA before, but a keynote speech is a first. And the reason for it was clear from the start – as Mullaly took to the stage, he shared the space with two vehicles, hidden under wraps. Before the big reveals, he spoke of Henry Ford’s message from 1925 “Opening the highway to all mankind” and reaffirmed that as an intrinsic philosophy driving the company’s innovations nearly a century later. As the covers came off the two vehicles with a flourish, we were introduced to the new Ford ecoSPORT, a fully connected compact SUV, and the very sleek-looking grey S-Max Concept – an even more advanced smart SUV, likely to be sold from 2015. Mullaly kissed the bonnet of the latter: it is clearly Ford’s new pride and joy, capable of seamless automatic carto-car communication, and with inbuilt health monitoring capabilities. The idea of the “connected car” is not new; Ford SYNC is already being used by seven million motorists worldwide. But Mullaly was proud to introduce a range of innovations enabled by Ford which he described as “both a car company and a technology company” Mullaly, along with fellow Ford representatives Ed Pleet, Connected Sales Director, and Jim Buczkowski, director of Global Electrical and Electronics Systems Engineering frequently returned to key phrases Dan Hesse: privacy is “the most important public issue” Ford Unveils New Connected Car Cars becoming part of The Internet of Things Ford ecoSPORT – “Intuitive, Connected, Safe” and “Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel” demonstrating Ford’s commitment to ensuring a connected internet-enabled app-interactive car would be entirely voice-controlled. “I remember when we had 100 voice commands, now we’re up to 10,000 and pretty soon you will be able to have a full conversation” he said, adding “The car is becoming a component in the Internet Of Things.” I FA international IFA International is a CLEVERDIS Publication - 65 avenue Jules Cantini - Tour Méditerranée – 13006 Marseille, France • Tel: + 33 442 77 46 00 • Fax: + 33 442 77 46 01 • SARL capitalised at e128,250• VAT FR 95413604471 • RCS Marseille 413 604 471 • • • During IFA: Press Center – Hall 6.3 – Room 401 • Tel: +49 (0)30 3038 81362 • Fax: +49 (0)30 3038 81372 • • • Publisher: Gérard Lefebvre • Publishing Director: Jean-Guy Bienfait • Managing Director: Jean-François Pieri • Project Manager: Bettina Badon • Editor-in-Chief: Richard Barnes • Managing Editor: Bob Snyder • Editorial Coordination: Bianca Newby, Uta Morawietz • Editorial team: Stuart Braun, Neil Cole, Conor Creighton, Neil Crossley, Sophie Layer, Julian Newby, Viktoria Pelles, Gary Smith, Johanna Stephens • Photos: David Nivière • Art Director: Hélène Beunat • Design & Page Setting: Patrice Bosch, Guillaume Kaercher, Guillaume Vinrich • Webmaster: Benjamin Ras • With the participation of: Calypso Barnes, Mario Kapp, Anja Kühner, Veronika Meyer • To contact them : first name.last • Cover: © Cleverdis © CLEVERDIS 2013 - Registration of Copyright September 2013 • Information presented in this publication is purely indicative in order to illustrate subjects contained therein. 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If any of these risks or uncertainties materialises or any of these assumptions proves incorrect, actual results could differ materially from the expectations outlined in these statements. Cleverdis assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements during the period of publication. Photo Credits and Copyright: All Rights Reserved. 6

News Philips Moves into Social Media ‘The space where innovation and people meet’ Dyson’s Digital Motor Powers On Recruitment and innovation crucial to Dyson’s success “We invest in the space where innovation and people meet” With three new vacuum cleaners, a hand-dryer, a fan and a tap launching at IFA 2013, the Dyson press conference on Friday was a dynamic introduction to the company’s inherent drive for innovation. Alex Knox, Industrial Design Director, Dyson gave a brief history of the company’s growth, and his 20-year role within it. “Scientists and engineers are the heart of Dyson,” he said, stressing the importance of research within the company, with 36% of the previous year’s profits reinvested in R&D – a figure it aims to increase to 50% within the next decade. As well as a tactile demonstration of Dyson’s pioneering work in digital motors, and a lesson in dust mechanics, Knox also showed how crucial cordless technology was to the modern home. However, the company’s goal at IFA is not just to encourage new customers: “I joined the company 20 years ago as a young graduate, and we are now recruiting a new generation of engineering graduates,” he said. Hall 4.1 Stand 204, 205 Pieter Nota Vice-President Philips and CEO Philips Consumer Lifestyle Presenting the opening keynote speech at IFA 2013, Pieter Nota, Vice- President Philips and CEO Philips Consumer Lifestyle, highlighted both Philips’ long history in CE and its smart future. He reminded us that Philips launched in 1891 with production of carbon filament lamps, which lent a symetry to the fact that a current leading product is the Philips Hue – the world’s smartest LED bulb. Keen to stress the company’s key sectors alongside lighting, the IFA audience heard how Philips is innovating in healthcare and consumer lifestyle: not just in product development but also using social media in ways that puts it at the forefront of digital marketing. “We invest in the space where innovation and people meet,” he said. Streaming heart surgery live across social media sits alongside celebrity product endorsements, such as that of Dutch model Sylvie van der Vaart. Hall 22 Stand 101 Alex Knox Industrial Design Director, Dyson IFA International • Saturday 7 th & Sunday 8 th September 2013 7

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