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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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News Electrolux Rebrands

News Electrolux Rebrands With Inspiration Electrolux this summer launched a new range of kitchen appliances under the Inspiration banner, marked by an elegant design informed by the clean lines and simplicity of modern architecture. Glass, stainless steel and anodised aluminium evoke a Scandinavian purity. "The Inspiration range represents a total rebrand and repositioning of Electrolux and AEG to maintain their right place in the market," said Keith McLoughlin, President and CEO of Electrolux at Thursday’s press conference, which also celebrated 125 years of Electrolux's German brand AEG. To celebrate the Keith McLoughlin (left), Miss IFA, Jonas Samuelson, Klaus Wuhrl and celebrity chef Bjoern Freitag event, celebrity chef Bjoern Freitag prepared a gourmet luncheon for journalists. To maximise integration and kitchen configuration, the Inspiration range’s fascia are aligned vertically and horizontally, from ovens to warming drawers to coffee machines. This means the appliances line up precisely, whether they are installed side by side, stacked or arranged in a square grouping of four. The use of materials and the distinctive flow-line are carried through all of the appliances, i n c l u d i n g dishwashers, hobs, washing machines and dryers. Hall 4.1 Stand 101 Jamie Oliver and Philips Cook Up a Market First Cheeky UK superchef Jamie Oliver stole the show at Thursday’s Philips press conference, making a surprise appearance to demonstrate one of Philips’ headline products for IFA 2012 — the multifunctional HomeCooker that helps prepare as well as cook food. Bouncing on to the stage, Oliver explained that, in cocreating the HomeCooker with Philips, he had aimed “almost for antiinnovation”. He added: “I just wanted to clean up traditional design and make it beautiful. And above all, I wanted to make it simple.” The chunky, funky, cookfriendly result — as Oliver went on to prove with a fragrant Indian curry, rustled up from fresh raw ingredients in less than 10 minutes — clearly lives up to Philips’ mission to create products that help to improve people’s lives. “In this case, helping busy parents prepare fresh food,” said Pieter Nota, Philips Consumer Lifestyle’s CEO UK chef Jamie Oliver demonstrates the new Philips HomeCooker and Oliver’s sous chef in the cooking demonstration. Described by Oliver as “an extra pair of hands in the kitchen”, the HomeCooker chops, stirs, steams, sautees, boils, fries and simmers. Available in black or white, it can be left to cook unattended, while the AutoStir stirring arm keeps food in constant motion for optimal cooking. It also features a ‘cutting tower’ for chopping directly into its stainless steel pot. Philips’ other Consumer Lifestyle highlights include the 1950s-inspired Philips Original Radio, the Philips Fidelio Wireless Hi-Fi range and the Senseo Twist coffee-maker. “Despite the challenging economy, we continue to see great prospects,” Nota said, adding that the Philips’ rich IFA offer reflected the company’s “passion” for technology, health and welfare, and its consumers. Hall 22 Stand 101 IFA International • Saturday 1 st & Sunday 2 nd September 2012 11

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