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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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Hisense Announces First

Hisense Announces First Milestone of Its Smart Strategy ADVERTORIAL Following the announcement of the company's shift to a Smart strategy three months ago, Hisense Group has launched a revolutionary product in China's TV industry -- I'TV, a personalized smart TV. Hisense chairman Zhou Houjian said: "The new product brings to fruition my childhood dream and is the revolutionary product that I have waited a lifetime to produce." I'TV is the world's first personalized smart TV, or if you prefer, a tablet PC with a TV chip. I'TV's features include big-screen-to-small screen - any cable TV program received by the living room TV can be instantly transmitted to an I'TV or smart phone for viewing - small screen-to-big screen - any video program, in particular HD programming found through I'TV online, can be instantly transmitted to the living room TV - and remote screen which is the ability to watch any TV program received at home from a remote location - enabling multi-screen interactivity and the ability to fully coordinate and control that interactivity, providing consumers with anytime, anywhere, total on-demand access to mobile TV programming. “The launch of I'TV marks a major milestone in Hisense's product development efforts, the result of a cross-departmental development within the company. I'TV is Hisense's pro-active solution based on an in-depth understanding of what the consumer wants and expects, combining functions, technologies and systems into a slim product, and providing viewers with an experience completely different from that of traditional television.” At the same time, thanks to intelligent recommendation and social networking, I'TV becomes all of these things at once: the internet, an entertainment console, a PC and a tool for socializing that will completely revolutionize the experience of watching and enjoying TV. “I'TV is in fact a form of social television, representing the complete re-evolution and transformation of the TV set.,” Zhou Houjian said. 20

made in CHINA Regional Spotlight Smart Right Through Hisense launches future-focused smart strategy at IFA “The smart strategy will allow us to provide our consumers with more ‘humanised’ products and services” by Jo Stephens Hisense’s President Air Conditioner Company General Manager Ren Liren announced this week that his company would be pursuing a ‘smart philosophy’… Hisense’s smart strategy is focused on its products, its operating philosophy, the inspiration for its creative teams, and its future hiring and placement structure. We believe that the implementation of the smart strategy will allow us to provide our consumers with more ‘humanised’ products and services that better meet their needs. Building on the spirit of this idea, Hisense will promote smart technology in every aspect of its operation, including multimedia, communications, home appliances, intelligent transportation and real estate. What is your brand globalisation strategy? Hisense has already established itself in several overseas markets, including Australia, South Africa and Egypt. From 2010, the company has been pushing into the EMEA region in order to develop our businesses in this market. This has taken the form of targeted actions, such as co-operating with the most influential distributor in Turkey, and hosting a Saudi Arabia distributor conference in China. Hisense is building an SKD TV factory in Turkey to support its European sales network. The establishment of the TV factory will decrease import duties, while meeting the needs of the local market. Together with the R&D centre in Germany, Hisense Europe will then have access to a complete manufacturing, R&D and sales network, which will help to promote TV sales. What is your green strategy? Hisense is totally focused on green development in every area. In 2005, we decreased the power consumption of our flat-panel TVs by 30%. Hisense has also broken the world record six times for the lowest daily power consumption for a refrigerator. What are Hisense’s most exciting new products? Hisense has plenty of advanced products at IFA, including the recently launched XT68, XT69 series 3D LED TVs, the Free- Multi and Free-Match air conditioners, and the dualmode intelligent inverter air conditioners. How important is IFA to your company's marketing strategy? After two years’ absence, Hisense is back in Berlin because we believe that exhibiting at IFA is important for our corporate image. It is also a way for Hisense to tap into potential sales channels and to find good customers. Hall 25 Stand 162 René Aubertin by Jo Stephens René Aubertin has been the President of Haier Europe for 18 months. He is also the only Westerner on the Chinese manufacturer’s global board of directors … My role has given me the opportunity to build something very important in Europe. On the marketing side, I currently have three people who are entirely dedicated to customising Up Close And Customised Haier builds European expansion on bottom-up approach Haier’s white goods for the European market. Alongside that, there is someone exploring the European TV market. Meanwhile, there are another two people working on perfecting our marketing, looking at which media we should use to get our message across, and how best to use the digital space. I can see that the people back at head office now have a very positive feeling about the European business. Haier is now focusing on the CE market. How is that progressing? The first part of this year was challenging for the industry in general — especially after last year and the World Cup, which generated a lot of business. But Haier is doing quite well because we have a very good range of products, and our small and medium-sized TVs have been selling in good numbers. The LED products are the most popular, and the USB key input/output, which allows the user to record on to, or watch a film from, a USB key, is one of our unique features. Haier has a history of investing in R&D centres as well as production facilities. Can you tell us more? We have a factory in Italy for fridges and we also have a project to open factories in Europe and Russia. We have an R&D facility in Germany for dishwashers. So we are close to consumer demand with our local production strategy, which will see further factories opening in 2012. Your Chairman and CEO Zhang Ruimin has talked about Haier’s “all-round optimised management approach”. Can you elaborate? The important thing is that we formulate all our targets with people who are in touch with the customers. We gather information from the market, as well as from people in contact with our customers, which enables us to understand our consumers and decide what our targets should be. It’s the reverse of top-down management. Hall 3.2 - Stand 134 Hall 3.1 - Stand 103 “We are well on the way to being very close to consumer demand with our local production strategy” IFA International • Saturday 3 rd & Sunday 4 th September 2011 21

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