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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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In-Car Technologies

In-Car Technologies Driven To Succeed Garmin continues journey to innovation, performance and service By Joanna Stephens Garmin’s range of innovative sat-nav products continues to grow, with new devices for outdoor pursuits, as well as further improvements to its existing GPS technology. Olaf Meng, Garmin’s automotive product manager, explains the company’s roadmap for IFA… Here in Berlin, we are showcasing our latest search and map technologies, plus we have increased the performance of our hardware, so that our maps are more detailed and elegant, enabling users to see things like different road levels on complex intersections. We are also introducing new software that shows POIs [points of interest] by relevance. For example, while you are en route, it will show you features like the nearest service stations and, as you arrive at your destination, it will indicate parking lots. You can also choose and search very easily for any kind of POI. We have also recently i n i t i a t e d a l o t o f improvements with our partner NavTech Traffic concerning the flow of information via RDS-TMC. On NavTech Pro — a detail that was not previously integrated into the system. In addition, we have improved the search functionality. It’s now much easier to find specific information about problems on the road. Anything relevant is shown in red scrolling across the upper part of the sat-nav display. How is Garmin evolving? We have been in business for 21 years and we have around a 36% share of the global market. Our product range covers automotive, PNDs [portable navigation devices], outdoor sports, fitness, marine navigation — even golf. In fact, for more or less any outdoor activity, there’s a Garmin product. Garmin's Marc Kast and Olaf Meng We even now make a dogtracking product. Sixty per cent of our market is still in PNDs, but we are currently seeing a lot of growth in the outdoor sports market. Hall 9 Stand 210 & 203 “The realtime traffic information offered even gives traffic updates for the smaller streets in inner cities” No Dozing Allowed! Anti Sleep Pilot to Wake Up Europe By Bob Snyder Fatigue while driving on European roads could be responsible for as much as 20% of all road accidents. In addition to human injury and fatality, the UK Department for Transport suggests driver fatigue could also cost £1,600 million per year in the UK alone. The Danish company ASP is showcasing a dash-mounted solution that could add road safety to the long list of benefits created by mobile devices. Already launched in the UK and Belgium, Anti Sleep Pilot is an in-car system for monitoring driver alertness levels to prevent fatigue-related traffic accidents — unlike several luxury auto-makers, whose solution only wake sup a driver after they have fallen asleep. The dash-mounted ASP device, by contrast, calculates the driver’s fatigue level during the drive, maintains alertness via simple tests and, with both light and audio signals, cautions when to take a preventive break before critical fatigue sets in. The driver first completes a short questionnaire to create an individual risk profile. Anti Sleep Pilot combines this profile with drive data — time driven, time of day and reaction time — that automatically registers via built-in sensors. This device uses 26 input parameters to calculate driver fatigue. For long drives or daily commuting, each Anti Sleep Pilot can be used by a limitless number of drivers, as long as each undertakes their own risk profile. The Anti Sleep Pilot attaches to any dashboard via a magnetic sticker. Hall 9 Stand 319 The dash-mounted device Anti Sleep Pilot Get Connected In Your Car Now you can safely search live travel reviews and even safely Tweet your progress with TomTom satnavs. Introduced at IFA, the new Search & Go Live Services from the Dutch PND manufacturer give users access to trusted online reviews and the best route to get there. New driver-friendly versions of Expedia, TripAdvisor and Yelp, and a driver-friendly Twitter service, have been specifically created for GPS users. "Tom Tom is bringing a new level of connectivity to the car without compromising safety," said Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director Consumer at TomTom. The PND user interface evolves. Hall 9 Stand 209 32

In-Car Technologies BMW ConnectedDrive Gets Ready For The Road Ahead By Joanna Stephens BMW has spent the past decade connecting cars to drivers and drivers to the environment. And at IFA 2011, the luxury German car brand is aiming to connect to “the perfect audience” for its portfolio of telematics and driver-assistance systems, according to Dr Eckhard Steinmeier, Head of BMW ConnectedDrive. BMW ConnectedDrive’s offer is founded on the principles of “convenience, infotainment and safety”, Dr Steinmeier added. This philosophy is given concrete form in the latest generation of ConnectedDrive services, which include Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI) and the BMW Connected App. RTTI provides real-time information on the current traffic situation on the most traveled roads, while the Connected App allows web radio, Facebook and Twitter to be displayed on the car’s dashboard and operated via an iDrive Controller. “We are and have always been a pioneer in terms of our connected offer,” Dr Steinmeier said. “With many features – apps, the emergency call and full incar Internet access – we have been the first manufacturer to market. We also have several exclusive offers, like our information service and the BMW Online Office.” BMW ConnectedDrive’s roots stretch back to 1972, when the BMW Turbo was unveiled. "Providing the driver with supplementary information, such as a radarbased distance-warning device,” Dr Steinmeier said. Subsequent years saw a string of breakthroughs in vehicle electronics and the intelligent networking of cars with their surroundings: Europe’s first park-distance control system, the first E u ro p e a n i n t e g r a t e d navigation system, and the world’s first emergency-call function. So where next for ConnectedDrive? According to Dr Steinmeier, BMW is on the brink of “huge steps forward” in usability and connectivity – for example, with the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept car debuted at the Geneva Motor Show. “New and improved functions will influence the user interface of the car - for example, the dashboard and the screens – while the future online access of the navigation and “The car took account of the external environment for the first time” driver-assistance systems will offer a new experience of driving. We will also extend our offer of helpful and fascinating automotive apps that work in combination with smartphones. All this will add a new dimension to the pleasure of driving a BMW.” Hall 9 Stand 321 The Connected App allows web radio, Facebook and Twitter to be displayed on the car’s dashboard IFA International • Saturday 3 rd & Sunday 4 th September 2011 33

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