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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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Clean Water In Record

Clean Water In Record Time The AEG AquaSense claims to give the user pure, clean water “at least twice as fast” as its competitors. The purity of the water used when cooking or making coffee or tea affects the flavour, as the amount of limescale affects the dissolution of aromatics. Filtering water removes limescale and other impurities, which gives a better tasting end result. Filtered water is also the ultimate thirst-quencher, and it is a perfect choice for making ice cubes. “Most of us are aware of the luxury of constant access to tap water. It really is something that we should appreciate,” Kerstin Peterson, Business Development Manager at AEG Electrolux, said. “Filtering water is an optimal solution for those who appreciate the taste of d a i l y f r e s h water, instead of paying huge amounts of m o n e y f o r water that has been bottled f o r l o n g time.” New Cooking Technologies Clean Water, Warm Toast Appliances to make life better in the kitchen A Toaster In A Drawer Ritter has no need to hide its built-in kitchen systems inside drawers, but it has because space is becoming more and more precious in modern kitchens. So in order to keep the space on the work-top free, Ritter came up with the spacesaving idea of installing kitchen appliances inside kitchen drawers, more than 40 years ago. At a height of 75mm, the built-in toaster ET 10 fits into standard 30cm-wide drawers. Slim with an elongated-slot, it toasts two slices of bread at the same time and includes automatic toast centering. It has other functions including a defrost setting for frozen bread, and the immediate interruption of the toasting process by pressing the stop button. ritter's in-drawer toaster The AEG Aquasense Hall 4.1 Stand 101 Hall 4.1 Stand 206 ADVERTORIAL IFA International • Saturday 3 rd & Sunday 4 th September 2011 39

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