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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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Trade News Reaching The

Trade News Reaching The Right Channel Partners Reseller Park at IFA 2011 "takes away the risk and hassles" For over 10 years Jan Nintemann has organised, with his agency Global Fairs TT- Messe, the B2Bplatform Reseller Park at the IFA in Berlin. We asked Jan to tell us about the Park’s concept. Reseller Park is a B2B2Cconcept, in which most exhibitors are located in the perimeter so that the consumers can see and enter the stands. On the other hand, every exhibitor also has a direct access to the inner reseller lounge, which is only open to trade visitors. The emphasis of the Reseller Park is the product category Telecom & Mobile, for the simple reason that many years ago I co-founded the NTPlus (which is now part of the Actebis-Group) and therefore most contacts emerged from this industry. Throughout the years I have also exhibited more and more CE and IT providers in the Reseller Park, such as Western Digital, Lexar Media, XPAL Power, and Optoma, who are all regular attendants. In 2011 the Reseller Park is, for the first time, located at two different locations at the IFA – in the usual position in the Communications Hall 9 and now also as a CE collective stand in Hall 7.2 – very close to the southern main entrance of the exhibition center. We have more than 40 participating exhibitors. What are the main advantages of participating in the Reseller Park? Our exhibitors have decreased risk and hassles – they enjoy full service from A to Z (build-up, catering channel promotion, etc.) and can rest assured that they are in a very qualified B2B environment in the internationally known Reseller Park platform and thus can most effectively reach their goals. “Every exhibitor also has a direct access to the inner reseller lounge, which is only open to trade visitors.” Jan Nintemann Global Fairs TT-Messe 42

Trade News Leave It to The Experts German co-operative out in force at IFA 2011 THE DEAL MAKERS A Russian buyer tells IFA International what he is hoping to find at IFA this year … Interview by Gary Smith IFA International asks Volker Müller, CEO of expert AG Deutschland, why IFA 2011 is so important to the consumer-electronics retail group and its 440 member shops… This is especially important at this time of the year, because we need to start filing our orders for Christmas and we want to be able to benefit from the advantages that bulk orders can bring in terms of pricing. Added to this, there are representatives at IFA from all our 440 German retailers, around half of which consist of big stores employing between 20 to 30 members of staff. This effectively means that, at any given point, there are hundreds of expert AG staff here in Berlin. To make the most of this opportunity, we host a lounge, which acts as a central point of contact, and also offers a place where our members can relax. How is the TV market performing? In April, May and June of this year, there was a lot of nervousness about the state of the market. But people forget that 2010 was a very good year, thanks to the World Cup, and there is always a levelling-out period after a boom year. It’s the inevitable after effect. So the early part of 2011 was always going to be relatively difficult. But in fact, in July, the TV market was excellent. And I think that, in 2012, we will see a significant increase in the uptake of 3D sets as more content becomes available. Volker Müller CEO of expert AG Deutschland What's your view of the tablet market? Apple still dominates in this area. However, a lot of companies are now starting to bring out their secondgeneration products, which are much more competitive, so I think we’ll begin to see a more varied market. Hall 1.2 Stand 109 “Our aim here in Berlin is to reinforce our contacts with suppliers and gather market intelligence in order to maintain a correct and clear overall strategy” M.VIDEO OJSC Enrique Fernandez, Commercial Director, Russia What is your reason for coming to IFA? I’m here to see the latest innovations, and to be in contact with the industry leaders. How has sustainable development been affecting your buying decisions? It has definitely been affecting them a lot. Nowadays we focus much more on products and technology with eco-friendly features. What new innovations are you purchasing at the moment? All latest innovations are in our portfolio, and we’re now especially focused on tablet PCs, smartphones and smart TVs. How important is IFA for you? It is very important, because in only a few days you can visit all the key players and evaluate new trends, technology and innovations. IFA International Special Features Issue 4 features a look at the devices and connecting systems that make up the Smart Home, alongside an analysis of all the latest developments in connected TVs, including the evolution of home networking, home cinema systems, advanced BD players, data storage systems and HD media players. There is also an in-depth look at Apps, the eco-systems they underpin, and operating systems, a round-up of the most innovative home appliances of 2011, and a look at the machines and lifestyle attitude that these days we call Coffee Culture. Taiwan and products in the Taiwan Image Hall are the subject of our daily Regional Product Spotlight. In case you missed it: Preview - trends in Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Day 1 – The Year of the Tablet/Notebooks and Netbooks/Refrigeration/ Made in Europe Day2/3 – Life in 3D/In-Car Technologies/New cooking technologies/Made in China IFA International • Saturday 3 rd & Sunday 4 th September 2011 43

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