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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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The Diary of Miss

The Diary of Miss IFA Behind the scenes at IFA "Since 2001 Miss IFA supports the global awareness of the leading consumer electronics trade show IFA. Emerged as a virtual character, this young woman with bright red hair is since 2005 a real and worldwide known representative of the IFA with high recognition value." Dirk Koslowski, IFA Senior Executive Manager. ‘‘ So I’ve been to a lot of press conferences, seen literally hundreds of truly amazing products and we are only on the second day of this huge and incredible event … This stand was just one of many incredibly beautifully decorated spaces with footballs everywhere This TV has wi-fi connectivity and a handy carrying handle for when you take it out to the garden A lot of really glamorous and famous people came to the gala on Thursday night. I had the chance of meeting Berlin’s Mayor, Mr Wowereit! I want a car like this! I find it hard to tell between cars these days … but this one is so tech-friendly, it really stands out from the crowd. And I especially like the colour! ‘‘ Just to give you an idea of what my life is like at the moment, here’s a shot of just a few members of the huge press delegation at IFA 2011 Join us on facebook, discover exclusive content, photos and go behind the scenes Scan me! 44 See

HOTELS / RESTAURANTS / BARS Where to goin berlin CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE IFA is not only the place to be for business deals in the field of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances, it is also an opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful and dynamic cities in the world. IFA International and its website have the pleasure of helping you discover Berlin and to enjoy its multiple cultural, culinary and ‘fun’ aspects. The goal of is that you take full advantage of this wonderful city, and perhaps even lengthen your stay. To help you, you will find in the following pages and on our site all you need to know to get the most from your stay – as well as some wise words from those who ‘made’ Berlin. The New Jewel in Berlin’s Crown A mythical name – Waldorf Astoria – will soon grace the German capital Next year will see the completion and opening of a new landmark in Berlin: The Waldorf Astoria. IFA International talked to Friedrich W. Niemann, General Manager of the soon to be opened hotel about why the globally famous luxury brand had chosen Berlin as its next hotel location… The flagship hotel in New York City is 80 years old, and Berlin was chosen for the launch of this new establishment because it is similarly a dynamic and evolving city, on both a European and global level. There are around 10 million visitors per year, so it’s the third most prominent tourist destinationin Europe. At the heart of the hotel is a very special spa. Can you elaborate on this? Yes, we’ve teamed up with Guerlain to create the first Guerlain spa outside of France. It will be very special with 8 treatment rooms and a striking pool and wellness area. How will you position the hotel? We will position it as a 5 star superior branded hotel. While Berlin is well known for hosting many conventions and large events, it’s also a leisure destination and we expect a lot of leisure clients who come especially for the spa. Due to the nature of Berlin’s booming and varied business sector, we will have to cater to all Friedrich W. Niemann General Manager, Waldorf Astoria Berlin types of guests. We cannot limit ourselves to being an events/ business hotel. The IFA tradeshow attracts the “crème” of the industry. What kind of people from the show will come to the Waldorf Astoria? Top executives from the manufacturing companies and dealmakers are always looking for the perfect place to stay and do business. In New York, the Waldorf Astoria is known as “the place to meet” for the world’s top executives when they are in town. We believe they will find the same spirit here. Indeed, when companies are entertaining clients, they need to take them somewhere impressive. What are you planning for this? There will be a high-end restaurant and the Romanisches Café in the style of an elegant Berlin café from the 1920’s or 30’s, plus we will have a beautiful library on the 15th floor where guests can take their potential clients for business discussions, alongside a significant number of private and spacious suites. What differentiates the hotel in terms of technical specifications? The property will be equipped with the latest inroom technologies to ensure the guest’s stay is as comfortable as possible Televisions in the guest bathrooms are integrated in the mirrors, and rooms feature all the latest advances in guest communication and services. IFA International • Saturday 3 rd & Sunday 4 th September 2011 45

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