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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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News Cause For Celebration IFA 2011 kicks off with a colourful gala – and a sense of optimism international O f f i c i a l D a i l y N e w s S o u r c e f o r I n t e r n a t i o n a l V i s i t o r s a t I F A IFA International is a CLEVERDIS Publication 65 avenue Jules Cantini - Tour Méditerranée – 13006 Marseille • France Tel: + 33 442 77 46 00 • Fax: + 33 442 77 46 01 SARL capitalised at e128,250 - VAT FR 95413604471 / RCS Marseille 413 604 471 • During IFA: Press Center – Hall 6.3 – Room 401 Tel: +49 (0)30 3038 81136 Fax: +49 (0)30 3038 81146 • Publisher: Gérard Lefebvre • Publishing Director: Jean-Guy Bienfait • Project Manager: Bettina Badon • Editor-in-Chief: Richard Barnes • Associate Editor: Béatrice Bernard • Editorial team: Neil Crossley, Mark Dezzani, Max Leonard, Julian Newby, Gary Smith, Robert Snyder, Jo Stephens • Photos: Didier Baverel • Videos: xTrem Productions • Art Director: Hélène Beunat • Design & Page Setting: Guillaume Kaercher, Valentina Russo, Guillaume Vinrich • Webmaster: Benjamin Ras • Marketing Manager: Jean-François Pieri • With the participation of: Selim Ben Amara, Sichao Guo, Kai Karolin Hüppe, Raphaël Pinot, Masha Polshinskaya, Marjorie Sanch, Kirsten Vandenberghe To contact them : first name.last name@ • Photos. Pages 19, 21, 23: ©, © © CLEVERDIS 2011 - Registration of Copyright Sept. 2011 Information presented in this publication is purely indicative in order to illustrate subjectts contained therein. No guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of data or content at time of printing and thus the latter should not be used for professional or commercial ends. While all efforts have been made as to accuracy and pertinence of content and data contained in this publication, CLEVERDIS may in no case be held responsible for the consequences, whatever their nature may be, that may result from the interpretation of this data or content, or any eventual errors therein. Any reproduction of the content of this publication, even partial, by any means whatsoever, is strictly prohibited without the prior autorisation of the publisher. Any copy, whether by photography, photography film, magnetic tape, disc or other means constitutes a forgery, liable to punishment under French law according to the legislation of 11th March 1957 covering copyright. All brands cited in this publication are registered trade marks and/or belong to companies which are their respective proprietors. The publishers and editorial staff decline all responsibility as to opinions formulated in this publication by those interviewed or cited therein. Their opinions are entirely their own, and are included with the understanding that they contain, to our knowledge, no malicious intent. The inclusion of all texts, photographs and other documents supplied by those included in the encyclopaedia imply the acceptance by their authors of their free publication therein. Documents and photographs will not be returned. It should be understood that this publication contains forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions. All statements other than statements of historical fact are statements that could be deemed forward-looking statements. Risks, uncertainties and assumptions include assumptions relating to the timing of the recorded date. If any of these risks or uncertainties materialises or any of these assumptions proves incorrect, actual results could differ materially from the expectations outlined in these statements. Cleverdis assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements during the period of publication. Photo Credits and Copyright: All Rights Reserved. IFA Gala 2011 – Speech by Philipp Rösler, Federal Minister of Economics and Technology & Vice Chancellor of Germany by Richard Barnes Germany’s minister for the economy, Dr Philip Rösler, was guest of honour at the IFA 2011 opening gala. As usual, the event attracted many personalities of both political and artistic persuasion. Dr Rösler said that the new technologies presented at the show offered new opportunities, and that attendees would learn a lot by coming to IFA. Much like an echo of the words of Einstein when he gave an opening speech at IFA many decades ago, Rösler said, “Digitalisation can bring us peace, freedom and wealth”. Einstein had spoken of the fact that the then new technology of radio would give humanity a new platform for peace and freedom. Dr Rösler said the role of the state in this respect was to provide the economy with a reasonable legal framework for the digital world. The minister was doubtless referring to efforts by Germany, along with France and other nations, to create better checks and controls on the way our lives may be affected by digital technologies such as the Internet. In his speech at the gala, Dr Rainer Hecker, chairman of the supervisory board of the gfu, likened IFA to a magnet, underlining the fact that exhibition space has again increased, as has the number of exhibitors at the show. Adding to the words of optimism from Dr Hecker, Dr Christian Göke, COO of IFA Berlin said that we can already call this “the best IFA in history”. Other prominent figures at the gala included the Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit (see also his exclusive interview in the day-one edition of IFA International), and the mayor’s electoral opponent, Renate Künast. “Digitalisation can bring us peace, freedom and wealth”. Jarre Turns Up The Volume French composer Jean-Michel Jarre unveils the AeroDream One What kicks out 10,000W, is 3.5-metres tall and costs e400,000? Visitors to hall 2.1 at midday Friday will know it is the electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre’s latest, greatest speaker system — the AeroDream One. Jarre unveiled what he claims is the “the largest hi-fi system in the world” with a demonstration of its awesome power. First up was one of his own compositions, Oxygene 2, followed by the soaring voice of Whitney Houston, which effortlessly downed out the cacophony of sound and music in the huge IFA hall. The AeroDream is the ultimate evolution of Technologies Jarre’s range of high-performance homeentertainment products, which debuted at last year’s IFA with the AeroSystem One. The iPhone- and iPod-compatible HD multidirectional sound tower has now been joined by the chic, sleek AeroPad One and AeroPad Two iPod, iPad and iPhone dock speakers. For Jarre, however, the AeroDream’s significance is about more than making a big noise — albeit a lush, crystal clear and beautifully balanced one. “In recent years, we have lost that emotional link with sound,” he said, speaking exclusively to IFA International before the AeroDream launch. “We are paying less attention to the way we listen to music. I think it’s time to restore that emotional link while creating the ideal hi-fi system for the 21 st century.” Hall 1.2 Stand 119 erratum: Please note that on page 37, the stand numbers of AEG and Siemens were unfortunately inversed. AEG can be found at Hall 4.1/101 and Siemens at Hall 1.1/101. Raimund Hosch, CEO, Messe Berlin GmbH; Dr Philip Rösler, Federal Minister for Economy and Technology; Miss IFA and Dr. Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu 4

News FIRST FROM GRUNDIG For the first time since 2008, Grundig will be using the entire Hall 23b for unveiling its new products. Grundig is the first-ever technology partner of the Bundesliga (German Football League) so its Vision Sports TV will come as no surprise. At Grundig's 2,000sqm stand, models will be demonstrating the looks that can be achieved with the new Grundig hairstyling products. Hall 23 Stand 101 A Juke Box In The Clouds Cloud-based streaming music service Juke has been launched at IFA by 24-7 Entertainment, a subsidiary of electronics and entertainment retail group Media-Saturn. Juke features 13 million tracks licensed from 80,000 record labels including all of the majors. The tracks are available in a variety of sound qualities including new format Dolby Pulse. Hall 1.2 Stand 126 JVC and Kenwood move closer but keep brand identities Hisayoshi Fuwa President and CEO of the new JVC Kenwood Corporation "Preserving JVC and Kenwood’s 'distinct heritage and product lines'" Three years after their merger, JVC and Kenwood will officially b e c o m e t h e J V C Kenwood Corporation on October 1, it was announced at IFA yesterday. The two brands will, however, keep separate identities and product lines. "JVC and Kenwood have their own distinct heritage and characteristic qualities, which we want to maintain, while exploring how to benefit from our joint Interview by Mark Dezzani background strengths," said Hisayoshi Fuwa, President and CEO of the new JVC Kenwood Corporation. JVC will focus on video and digital imaging, while Kenwood will concentrate on car-navigation products, with both brands developing their own home-audio and in-car audio products. Fuwa suggested that a new brand could be developed for a new generation of products. Under the JVC brand, the G C - P X 1 0 H D Memory Camera is being launched at IFA. A new style of hybrid camera, it focuses equally on video and stills, delivering Full HD1080/50P video at 36Mbps and high-resolution 8.3M digital stills. The GC- PX10, which will reach stores in Europe in September, will retail at €899. Hall 5.2 Stand 104 The GC-PX10 HD Memory Camera Toshiba offers a "world premiere" to IFA attendees — with glasses free 3D TV Innovation Across Multiple Screens “Glasses-free 3D is the main engine of our future entertainment strategy – and the future starts now,” said Sascha Lange, Toshiba’s Marketing Director, Central Europe, as he unveiled the company’s new 55-inch glassesfree 3D television. It was one of three major product launches at the company’s press conference on Thursday – the other two being what the company claims will be the thinnest and lightest laptop and 10- inch tablet on the market. The Z830 Ultrabook is only 15.9mm at its thickest point, and 8.3mm at its thinnest. With a 13.3-inch screen, it weighs just 1.12 kg and, despite its thinness, it conceals three USB ports, an HDMI, an RGB and an ethernet port in its magnesium alloy casing. “Intel has defined the Ultrabook category, but Toshiba has defined the Ultrabook product,” said Andy Bass, CEO at Toshiba Information Systems UK. The AT200 tablet, meanwhile, is only 7.7mm thick and 558g. Based on the Android 3.2 Honeycomb platform, and with a 10.1” screen, it too has extensive built-in connectivity. At the other end of the scale, the ZL series 55” glasses-free 3D TV features a 3840x2160- pixel display, equivalent to four times full HD. It features face recognition to aid the 3D technology. With the new YL and WL series models and the new low-price TL series, which employs activeshutter 3D, the company has the largest 3D TV range, according to Lange. The presentation also highlighted additions to Toshiba Spaces, the company’s name for its Smart TV services. “Content is king: in the end, it’s all about content,” said Thomas Teckentrup, General Manager, Software and Services. “That’s what the consumer wants.” He previewed the clean interface that gives easy access to content sources such as BBC iPlayer, and the deep integration of social networking, which can be controlled through an external keyboard or tablet device. And he stressed the benefits of the cloud-based service: “It means that we can make the TV you own smarter over time.” Hall 2.1 Stand 101 IFA International • Saturday 3 rd & Sunday 4 th September 2011 5

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