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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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News Defending against Mac attacks While the danger of cyber-attacks on PCs is well known, the threat from viruses and cyber-criminals to Macs, iDevices and Internetenabled TVs is less well understood. Yet increasingly criminals are targeting these growing markets. Enter Kaspersky Lab, which is at IFA to showcase its portfolio of products designed to keep your Macs and entertainment systems secure. Hall 15.1 Stand 130 Lenco Makes Noise With 3D Sound Lenco is highlighting its newest technologies at IFA, including a series of 3D sound products based on wavefield synthesis, a spatial audio-rendering technology. The range has been developed in partnership with Sonic Emotion, which produces the chip that creates the 3D sound. With this move Lenco, which has more than 60 years behind it, is betting that the public wants not only to see 3D, but hear it.. Hall 25 Stand 143 There Is No Trick or Magic Involved Technological excellence allows Dyson to sweep all before it The question that Dyson Chief Executive Martin McCourt is most often asked is how the UK vacuumcleaning company has managed to keep growing in such troubled economic times. “And the answer is very simple,” McCourt said at yesterday’s Dyson press Ultra-fast hob units, a 17-minute dishwasher, an active steam-ironing system – the next-generation d o m e s t i c a p p l i a n c e s presented at Miele’s IFA 2011 press conference did not disappoint in terms of innovation, intelligent design and style. Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Miele’s Managing Director and Coproprietor, also tackled the topical issue of intelligent energy saving, which he described as of “great strategic importance” in today’s challenging financial climate. Announcing what Dyson's revolutionary engineering continues to be refined. conference. “There’s no trick or magic involved. It’s down to our huge commitment and the fact that Dyson is all about technology. We invest €70m a year in R&D because we believe in what we do and we take risks all the time.” McCourt said that when he met company founder he claimed were the world’s first domestic appliances able to automatically detect when electricity is at its cheapest, Zinkann said: “Such advancements take the strain off domestic finances and, in the long run, reduce the burden on the environment much more than tweaking conventional technologies.” He stressed, however, that no compromises have been made on the “performance, convenience and hygiene” of Miele’s SmartGrid and SG-ready products, which include a tumble dryer that uses solar collectors, heat exchangers and a waterstorage tank to heat air. Zinkann also reported that Miele enjoyed a record year in 2010/11, with turnover up 4% to €2.95bn and domestic sales growing by 3%. “This feat can be ascribed to strong products and to consistent and high-end James Dyson 16 years ago, the British industrial designer had already been developing his vacuum cleaner for 20 years. “Really, all we have done is to grow the company using his ideas,” he added. “Now we have 3,000 employees and we sell our products in 60 countries. Our volume of sales is up year on year and so are our profits. It’s down to the fact that our products work.” Commenting on the Air Multiplier, McCourt admitted that one of the few things that really bothers him is Dyson’s ideas being copied. “Because the Air Multiplier has no blades, it’s totally safe,” he said. “But because it’s a genuine innovation, there are a lot of companies that have copied the idea. However, their versions are inferior and there are a lot on the market that are actually Miele Shares Its Intelligence branding,” he said, adding: “This includes Miele’s clear focus on partnerships with specialist retailers providing expert pre-sales advice, as illegal. Our only recourse is to use the law to pursue these people, which we do and will continue to do.” McCourt then handed over the stage to Senior Engineer Ian Brough, who has spent the past few years developing the new DC-37. “Because it sits on a ball, DC37 has a lower centre of gravity and is easier to pull without snagging on corners and carpet pile,” he said. “Coupled with a patented central steering system, it uses an articulating chassis and a central pivot point for negotiating tight turns and circumnavigating sofas. And because it is equipped with Dyson’s Radial Root Cyclone technology, it captures more microscopic dust than any other cyclone. We made 500 prototypes and tested all the components 50,000 times.” Hall 4.1 Stand 204 well as carefully planned and exciting exhibitions, like this one here in Berlin.” Hall 2.1 Stand 101 IFA International • Saturday 3 rd & Sunday 4 th September 2011 9

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