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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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News Dolby brings

News Dolby brings high-quality sound to the PC As computers assume an ever-growing role in our daily lives, audio has become integral to the total PC experience. Dolby offers high-quality audio technology for all PC users, from the casual movie watcher, to the business traveler, to the most discriminating audiophile. Dolby Laboratories has developed the Dolby PC Entertainment Experience to make it easy for computermanufacturers to develop and market entertainment PCs with audio quality and surround sound capabilities that, until now, were only available from consumer electronics. The Dolby PC Entertainment Experience offers two levels: Dolby Home Theater v3 and Dolby Advanced Audio. Both are suites of technologies that combine with the power of a notebook to deliver a home theatre audio experience in a portable format. Audio from any content, including Blu-ray, DVDs, music, movies, TV, games, and online entertainment, can be enhanced using these technologies. Dolby Digital Plus has made its mark as the industry choice for delivering a powerful surround sound experience. Now, online entertainment with Dolby Digital Plus brings the same optimised sound quality to the Internet, with 5.1-channel surround sound offering a warmer, richer, more compelling audio experience than is possible from baseline stereo sound. Even better, Dolby Digital Plus supports a wide range of data rates. With Dolby Digital Plus, superior-quality multichannel surround sound over the Internet is now possible. Grosser Stern VIP Room1 Kitchen scales that help you get healthy Soehnle’s range of scales designed for healthy living includes the new Food Control Easy, designed to enable and encourage healthy food preparation. The scales have been designed for nutrition experts, and also for healthconscious consumers who prefer home-made food. The Food Control Easy is also helpful to diabetics who need to ensure that their diet is varied. The scales show the user the “inner values” of foods, this made possible by a vast database with a total of 950 stored nutritional values, covering all food categories. Hall 6.2 Stand 204 Soehnle’s Food Control Easy Music is ‘greater than ourselves’ says Quincy Harman International Industries has launched the Quincy Jones Signature Line by AKG. The premium headphone collection represents a partnership between AKG and one of the most accomplished musicians of the 20th century – Quincy Jones. “Music is so much more than notes on a sheet of paper,” Jones said on his visit to IFA. “When it’s created with passion, with soul, we get something that is greater than ourselves – and it can move us deeply. Throughout my entire career, I have trusted only AKG to deliver the highest standard of sound – the same standard I hold myself to when I make my music.” The Quincy Jones Signature Line includes three models: the Q701 referenceclass premium over-ears, the Q460 high-performance portable on-ear mini headphones and the Q350 in-ear headphones that will boast distinctive AKG ® - built quality and unrivaled audio engineering in an elegant, portable design, so music lovers everywhere can experience sound the way every artist intended for their music to be heard. Outdoor Space 101 The legendary Quincy Jones 14

News Samsung breathes new life into the H-Series Side-by-side refrigerator re-designed to fit with consumer behaviour Samsung has launched a refreshed Samsung H-Series side-by-side refrigerator, featuring new exterior design and interior ergonomics, modernising its look and updating its functionality. “We strive to understand our side-by-side customers’ food shopping and storage behaviour and offer them the most convenient features to enhance their experience and their life,” said Chang Wan Hong, Executive Vice President, Digital Appliances Business, Samsung Electronics. “We also understand the importance of style and we are committed to updating the aesthetic design of our home appliances, transforming what could potentially be a simple appliance into a statement of style.”Samsung’s range of side-by-side fridge-freezers offers a blend of advanced design and clever food storage to complement the smooth premium finish. A brand new Clear View icemaker, integrated into the freezer door instead of the inside of the freezer, creates 25 more litres of space in the inner freezer compartment. The Soft Touch Beverage Station acts as a mini drinks Water quality is key in Severin’s 30-plus product launch Path to the perfect breakfast beverage Pop up the perfect toast Samsung’s new-look H-Series bar. A specially designed unit sits in the door of the new H-Series, which allows easy access to drinks via a soft one-touch interface, while keeping food cold inside. The drinks dispenser has also been redesigned for better access and convenience, and is equipped with an ambient Blue LED light for improved visibility. The CoolSelect Zone is a drawer where the temperature can be controlled independently from the rest of the refrigerator, so food can be stored at the optimum temperature. Hall 5.1 Stand 101 Hall 4.1 Stand 103 Severin has unveiled a suite of product launches, designed to help its customers cook the perfect breakfast while giving their hair the perfect look. Sauerland-based small electrical appliance manufacturer Severin has launched more than 30 product innovations at IFA – focusing on coffee, barbecues and its HairCare product range – including the new electric SM 9684 milk frother, which enables perfectly frothed milk to be made in an instant. To ensure the highest standards in water quality among all its beverage products, Severin has formed a joint venture with leading water technology provider Best Water Technology, which will now act as supplier of water filters to its full range of products. “BWT’s water filter solutions dovetail perfectly with our portfolio, given their well engineered technology and versatility”, said Stefan Scheurer, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Severin. “We are delighted to welcome the BWT Group on board, a partner that is fully capable of targeting all its know-how in the field of efficient water treatment to generate product innovations – particularly in the table-top water filter segment.” Building on the success of its the “café style” automatic coffee maker, Severin extended the product range. Staying Gorenje focuses on design and eco-friendliness Following a successful presence in Berlin in 2008 and 2009, Gorenje is once again showcasing its innovative designs at IFA this year. The company has a 500 sq m exhibition area featuring numerous new products and innovations that back-up the company’s ambition of being a design-minded creator of user-friendly and technologically advanced home appliances, which also respect the environment. “I believe that the GreenConnected application that we are premiering is destined to steal the show,” Franjo Bobinac, Gorenje President and CEO, said. “Harnessing high-tech innovation to deliver energy efficiency, it is an upgrade to the existing iGorenje system which allows the control of intelligent and connectible home appliances from remote locations.” The array of novelties presented in Berlin this year bears witness to Gorenje's commitment to the development of technologically-perfect home appliances. “We constantly strive to create appealing designs and innovative solutions,” Bobinac said. “Our pursuit of superior design, innovation, and sustainable development has been at the root of our 60 years of creativity, and it has established rock-solid foundations for our future business. As a global GreenConnected by Gorenje stage for innovative ideas and product solutions, IFA is the ideal opportunity to consolidate our existing business partnerships and to forge new ones.” Last year, the Gorenje stand welcomed over 2,300 business partners from across the world. Hall 1.1 Stand 201 in the kitchen, Severin’s MW 7852 microwave has eight different cooking programmes, which ensures a broad selection of different dishes can be cooked to perfection. Meanwhile, Severin’s new HC 0617 mini hairstraightener Severin HairCare was unveiled to IFA visitors as the perfect travel companion, measuring a compact 15 x 60 mm. Convenience and ease-of-use has been a key theme of the products launched by Severin in 2010, which earlier this year launched the HT 0133 hairdryer, which can be retracted into its handle at the touch of a button. IFA International • Saturday, 4 th & Sunday, 5 th September 2010 15

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