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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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Special Feature Small

Special Feature Small Appliances Gourmet lite from the AirFryer Finally, guilt-free fries? At least that’s what the Dutch design-appliance and electronics firm Philips is promising at this year’s IFA, introducing a fryer that works without all the arteryhardening oil. The Philips AirFryer cooks by circulating hot air around a grill component. Philips claims this approach cuts down up to 80% on added fats yet still delivers crisp French fries, chicken nuggets, browned meat or pastries. The AirFryer has a run time of up to 30 minutes and gets as hot as 200°C, with a separator accessory that lets the user crisp several ingredients at once, without mixing flavours. Whether you add butter and cream to your pastry is, of course, up to you. Philips is known for its wide variety of household items: This year’s highlights include a bean-to-cup espresso machine, in partnership with the Italian brand Saeco; another coffee-maker with pod delivery for one or two cups of fresh brew; and a cordless stick vacuum cleaner with QuickDraw release for small pick-up jobs. Fry Not? Curious onlookers gather around the new Philips oil-free AirFryer cooker Hall 22 Stand 101 The courage of LG’s convection A re-imagined air-diffusion and circulation system brings the new LG Solar Combi convection oven a step up from conventional microwave ovens, according to Young-Ha Lee, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “For people who love grilled and convection cooking, the Solar Combi guarantees juicy, tender, mouthwatering food,” Lee said. The heart of the Solar Combi cooker is a charcoal filament, which serves as the oven’s heating element and is an extension of LG’s Lightwave cooking technology. The company claims its heat wavelengths closely emulate that of real charcoal, which enhances the absorption of heat and delivers it more efficiently. The Solar Combi uses crossflow fan design to move heat evenly around the stove, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process. The LG designers have also included an air-diffusion system to mix the air at the top and bottom of the oven. Cleaning up is also simple, courtesy of the Clear LG Home Appliances takes the wraps off its new line of convection cookers Coating system, which is similar to those found on LG’s other Lightwave ovens. The coating is designed to be a grease-buster, ensuring an easy clean after even heavy dishes. A pull-down door and intuitive interface completes the package. Hall 1.1 Stand 103 32

Special Feature Small Appliances Coffee Culture An innovative selection of coffee-makers has emerged Coffee is no longer just a drink, it’s an enriching lifestyle experience. The advent of ever more stylish and efficient coffee machines has ensured that consumers are able to incorporate the very best that coffee drinking has to offer into their everyday lives. For several years, the market for coffee and espresso machines has been a vital growth segment among small domestic appliances in Europe, recording steady and at times double-digit, growth. The market is characterised by innovative products, and consumers who are showing acceptance of these developments are altering their drinking habits as a result. According to the latest figures from Gfk, total sales in Western Europe increased by 4% in the first half of 2010 and volume sales growth stands at 2%. This is attributable to the rising demand among consumers for higher quality appliances in the espresso segment. The highest level of growth has been recorded for espresso capsule machines, which saw an 18% increase in sales volume. New appliances for preparing coffee, such as pad and capsule machines, have enjoyed major popularity, but the traditional filter coffee machine segment has also been able to maintain its level. Demand for coffee, and coffee machines, has never been better. Come on in, the water’s warm Keeping the water at a consistent temperature throughout the brewing process is the way to get the best out of a fresh cup, south Germany-based manufacturer Cloer claims. The firm is planning to capitalise on this in its new Filter Coffee Makers 5208 and 5211 and the new makers will control the water flow the entire time. This means that the water, which is at its hottest when it flows into the brewing chamber, is funnelled over the coffee grounds at a lower temperature and stays that way. “The coffee develops its best flavour over the entire time it’s in contact with the water that way,” the company says. “That means an aromatic and soft filter coffee.” Hall 4.1 Stand 102 Miele’s muscular machines deliver a strong jolt of Java As with most Miele products, the Germany-based manufacturer went above and beyond the norm to bring its new cup of coffee to market. Test units for the new CM 5000 and CM 5100 countertop coffee machines are expected to deliver no fewer than 50,000 cups of coffee or espresso as proof of durability, and as with all Miele units they are designed to last at least 20 years. Rigour and durability are the prime factors for these machines, but consumers will expect them to look pretty good first thing in the morning, too. An intuitive interface and simple cleaning are fine, but the real test is in the cup. It may be surprising to learn that Germans drink more coffee than beer, according to the German Coffee Association. During the economic crisis last year, every German drank 150 litres of coffee, with overall consumption rising to 1.3 billion cups over the year before. The Miele CM 5000 and CM 5100 can The new CM 5000 and CM 5100 from Miele use Nespresso capsules or ground beans. Overall, the high-end brand is riding on solid consumer-driven growth, reporting € 2.8 billion in turnover in its most recent fiscal year ending in June 2010, with the German market accounting for 30% of these results. Hall 2.1 Stand 101 Coffee with a twist Istanbul-based Arzum is bringing a twist to Turkish coffee. With its Cezve, consumers can taste Anatolia without having to go there. The Arzum Cezve cooks ground coffee over charcoal, lending it that special smokey taste. “The Cezve makes authentic Turkish coffee with modern techniques,” Arzum says. “And Turkish coffee has a memory of 40 years.” It’ll certainly be strong enough to live up to that claim. • DOUBLE THERMOBLOCK HEATER • ENERGY SAVER MODE • 360° ROTATABLE MILK FROTH JET WITH PANNERELLO FOR AN OPTIMAL MILK FROTH • SEPARATE MILK FROTH JET • 360° ROTATABLE HOT- WATER JET • REMOVABLE WATER TANK, 3.0 LITRES • SINGLE/ DOUBLE ESPRESSO FEATURE • ESPRESSO GAUGE • CLEANING PROGRAM • 4 FILTER BASKETS AND ACCESSORIES Hall 7.1a Stand 110 IFA International • Saturday, 4 th & Sunday, 5 th September 2010 33

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