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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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SWITCH ON START SAVING Philips Energy Efficient vacuum cleaner. Reducing energy use and bills by 30%. * Visit the Philips stand at IFA in Hall 22. The Philips Energy Efficient vacuum cleaner demonstrates our commitment to EcoVision5, and our aim for green products to make up 50% of all sales by 2015. EcoVision5 is a program we’ve developed around the three pillars of ‘energy efficiency’, ‘recycling’ and ‘bringing care to people’. Contributing to the world and people’s lives through meaningful innovation. *Benchmark versus Philips 2000W predecessor, based on 70 hours of vacuuming a year.

Hans-Joachim Kamp n Vice President of ZVEI Nestor Coronado Palma n Director of Sustainability Philips Consumer Lifestyle Green Products @ IFA N°03 / September 2010 - March 2011 Extract from the new issue of Sustainable Development Initiatives (SDI) SMARTreport SMART REPORT SuStainable Devel pment initiativeS special edition Pursuing worthy environmental goals The ReTaileR's ResponsibiliTes Dr Utho Creusen, Director - DSGi INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT Xxxxxx x xx Jooree Cho Project Manager Sustainable Development Cleverdis / IFA International Philips continues to pursue its “Eco Vision 5” goals – having already reached 2 out of the 3 targets of Eco Vision 4 ahead of time, as explained in the company’s 2010 management agenda. The true goal: to be ever more eco-friendly. We asked to Nestor Coronado Palma, Director of Sustainability - Philips Consumer Lifestyle, to give us an update on where the company is up to in this respect… Philips has a number of new green products at IFA this year. Which are you most proud of? We are showing around 10 Green Products amongst which our flagship is the EISA Green Award winning Econova LED TV. This TV started with the end in mind. It is a TV with the lowest energy consumption without compromising on picture quality, in a timeless recycled aluminium body. Nestor Coronado Palma, Director – Sustainability Philips Consumer Lifestyle Its numerous energy saving features include a 0-Watt Power-off switch, a Light sensor, Eco mode, Mute Screen, Auto switch-off timer, Eco Button menu and a power indicator. All Energy related features are directly accessible via a dedicated Eco Button on the remote control. The optimal power and picture quality balance is obtained in the Standard mode. To further save on the power consumption, an Energy Saving smart setting is available which still delivers a very acceptable viewing experience for day-to-day home use. The Power meter gives the user an indication of the instantaneous power consumption of the set and makes the user aware of changes he is applying, such as contrast change or a different smart setting selection. It creates an energy consciousness in a very simple and interactive way. There is also an option for a solar charged remote. The total power consumed is generally 46 watts when running and lower than .075 watts in stand-by mode. The TV design employs fewer cables, and those used are halogen-free, as are the supplyand processing boards. The aluminium body means that from an environmental point of view, the casing will be recycled at end of life. No more plastic is used in our packaging. Please tell us about some of the other top products and how they fit in with Eco Vision 5… Our Sleek micro music system is 63% more efficient in energy compared to the average competitors and 48% more efficient in packaging. Our Blu-ray Disc Player BDP8000 is 27% more efficient in energy compared to 2009 models, 12% more efficient in packaging compared to 2009 models, and 27% more efficient compared to 2009 models on Life Cycle Assessment. We have decided to focus on materials for our products as manufacturing and recycling takes energy. So if you use recycled or biodegradable materials, the energy in manufacturing new products will be lower. Of course, this is all done with the health and wellbeing of the consumer in mind. FEATURES OF ECO VISION 5 To deliver on Philips’ brand promise of “sense and simplicity” and at the same time provide the company direction for the longer term in this area, three sustainability leadership key performance indicators have been identified where the company can bring its competencies to bear: ‘care’, ‘energy efficiency’ and ‘materials’ including targets for 2015: Bringing care to people. Target: 500 million lives touched by 2015 “We are in the business of constantly challenging ourselves to improve our products” Improving energy efficiency of Philips products. Target: 50% improvement by 2015 (for the average total product portfolio) compared to 2009. Closing the materials loop. Target: Double global collection, recycling amounts and recycled materials in products by 2015 compared to 2009. IFA International • Saturday, 4 th & Sunday, 5 th September 2010 37

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