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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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THE DIARY OF MISS IFA Out and about at the 50 th IFA “Since 2001, Miss IFA has helped promote the leading consumer-electronics trade show IFA. Born as a virtual character and transformed into a real person in 2005, the young woman with the distinctive red hair has become globally known as the face of IFA.” Dirk Koslowski, IFA Senior Executive Manager. ‘‘ Hi! Miss IFA here with my second “Live Diary” in IFA International! This year, IFA International asked me to let them know where I had been and what I’d been up to, so here goes… I walk kilometres every day to meet people at stands, opening press conferences and introducing events. This was the start of IFA 2010’s keynote sessions. Today featured Bryan Burns of ESPN and Bernhard Burgener of Constantin Medien, both of whom were talking about 3D TV… some real thought leadership. The Gala evening was such good fun and I got to meet some very interesting and important people. Dr Angela Merkel was back again this year, as she has in the past couple of years. I think it is important that the State leader comes and supports the industry like this. The range of amazing TV sets is just incredible at IFA this year. I must have seen a thousand or more already. While there are more and more 3D sets, IFA International TV even filmed me in 3D! Apparently the show is going out on a 3D demo channel on the Astra satellite… so I’ll have to tell my friends to watch. I spent quite a while on the red carpet meeting celebrities and politicians including Berlin’s Mayor Klaus Wowereit, Elke Sommer, Robert Atzorn, Herbert Knaup, Dominic Raacke, Mariella Ahrens, fashion designer Jette Joop, TV presenter Miriam Pielhau, film producer Oliver Berben and the director Katja von Garnier. ‘‘ Edition 42

HOTELS / BARS / RESTAURANTS WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN NIGHTCLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING IFA is not only the place to be for real business deals in the fi eld of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances, but also a marvellous occasion to discover one of the most beautiful cities in the world. IFA International and its site have the pleasure of helping you discover Berlin and enjoy its multiple cultural, culinary and “fun” facets. The goal of is that you take full advantage of this fantastic city and perhaps lenghthen your stay! To help you, you will fi nd in the following pages and on our site all that you will need to organise your stay – notably with some wise words from those who “made” Berlin. IFA and Berlin ‘make a great couple’ IFA International spoke to Burkhard Kieker, CEO of Berlin Tourism Marketing, about the relationship between IFA and the city of Berlin. He began by explaining how visitors can benefit from the city’s attractions while in town for IFA. Berlin is the place to be for IFANs. Whether you’re looking for music or fashion, entertainment or dining, museums or galleries, Germany’s capital is a place where new trends are set. The legendary nightlife and the city’s shops and markets opportunities are unique. And visitors from all over the world do not have to dig deep into their pockets in order to enjoy the fabulous experience of a few days in Berlin. How important is IFA for Berlin ? IFA and Berlin make a great couple: cutting-edge technologies meet Burkhard Kieker, CEO, Berlin Tourism Marketing the trendsetting German capital. Thousands of people come to Berlin for IFA, and the city’s hotels have very high booking levels during that time. So this melting pot of technology right in the centre of Berlin is a huge benefit to the German Capital. Do you have any recommendations for our readers? Berlin’s cultural calendar features an assortment that leaves nothing to be desired. One highlight is the Berlin Music Week, which starts September 6. The city offers a broad spectrum of events with a musical theme. For news of events or for general information on Berlin, just use the latest technology at IFA — get online and have a look at IFA International • Saturday, 4 th & Sunday, 5 th September 2010 43

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