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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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PRODUCT TRENDS BACKLIGHT COMES TO THE FOREFRONT THE LED REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED There will be 150 Blu-ray players available by the end of this year wih an entry-level model priced at around e100, according to Niels Leibbrandt, Chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association's European Promotion Committee and Senior Manager Technology Marketing at Sony Europe. “There are also 1500 Bluray titles now available in Europe. Overall sales have been impressive throughout the year with the UK and Germany driving the market.” Liebbrand was speaking at the BDA Press conference on Thursday. Close to one in ten homes across Europe will be Bluray enabled by the end of this year, according to the latest research from Futuresource for the Blu-ray Disc Association. Thanks to growing awareness, falling prices and retail promotion, this number is set to soar, with over 20% of European homes expected to be Bluray enabled by 2011. TOSHIBA SIMPLIFIES MEDIA SHARING 2010 will be the year that LCD TVs with LED backlight technology take centre stage, says Sharp Electronics Europe CEO Hiroshi Sasaoka. “LED technology is a quantum leap for LCD TVs. It is revolutionising the future of the television market. Now that the technological race to make larger and thinner devices is over, LED backlight technology is bringing both image brilliance and energy consumption to new levels.” Sharp launch two new Aquos sets at IFA, the LE700E and LE600E with full LED backlight technology. Sharp forecasts that starting in 2010, LCD TVs with LED backlight technology will become firmly established on the market, especially in Western Europe, and will replace conventional LCD technology completely in the medium z-term. “We predict that in 2009 the LCD TV market in Europe will grow to over 40 million units. Sharp plans to sell two million LCD TVs in Europe this year, most of which already have the LED backlight technology,” says Sasaoka. Sharp launch two new LCD TV series LE700E and LE600E with Full LED Backlight. With less than 100 watts of power required by the 52”, these new LCD TVs have amongst the lowest power consumptions in the world. They also feature a 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and constant screen illumination of over 90 per cent. The TVs are available in sizes ranging from 32” to 52”. Hall 3.2 / Stand 101 The Toshiba Media Controller is a new interface intended to make content streaming easy between multimedia devices, allowing users to easily stream videos, music and pictures from a media library to TV sets, laptops, smartphones or media players through a simple drag & drop interface. Toshiba Media Controller isn't a new technology but it is a new interface. It can be installed on servers or controllers running Windows 7 or Windows Mobile 6.5 in a home network to expand multimedia capabilities to all compatible devices. The Media Controller is a kind of multimedia dashboard that makes media sharing applications in any network available under one single unified user interface. It uses the "Play to" functionality of the Windows 7 operating system and by following the DLNA guidelines version 1.5, ensures interoperability of connected devices in a home multimedia network. Hall 21 / Stand 101 DOLBy DIGITAL PLUS BOOSTS AUDIO STREAMS To fulfill the constantly changing demand of content delivery in the digital age, Digital Dolby Plus is an enhanced audio coding technology. It is based on the fundamental concepts that have always been at the root of Dolby’s Digital technologies offering superior quality at higher bit rates, greater efficiencies at lower rates and compatibility with existing playback systems. Digital Plus enables multichannel secondary audio features for BonusView on Blu-ray discs and provides an efficient alternative for primary 7.1 soundtracks. The system is used in terrestrial and satellite broadcast formats as well as downloaded and streamed content. Currently many movies with 5.1 soundtracks are streamed with only two-channel audio but Dolby’s legendary efficiency makes it possible to stream 5.1 on IPTV and streaming services. GRUNDIG ECO LCD PACKS AN ECO PUNCH IN SOUND & VISION Grundig’s all-new Vision ECO LCD set lives up to its name with a 48% reduction in power consumption and a standby mode that uses 0.1 of a watt with absolutely no compromise on picture quality. The 32” model uses the same amount of power as a 75-watt light bulb and includes an MPEG4 compatible DVB-T receiver. 37” and 42” models are also available. The set comes with 3 HDMI ports, a YUV, an S-Video, a USB and a PC input. The TV also has a Game Mode that transforms the set into a top of the range PC monitor. It also packs real audio punch thanks to a pair of 40 watt speakers, a 5-way graphic equaliser and the SRS Tru-Surround. Großer Stern / VIP-Raum 1 Hall 23 / Stand 101 IFA International • Saturday, 5 th & Sunday, 6 th September 2009 27

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