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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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at w w IFA OpenIng gAlA sets pOsItIve nOte pOwerFul speech by chAncellOr Merkel underpIns strOng Future FOr Industry IFA’s opening gala attracted a host of A-List celebrities and top political figures including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin. From the entertainment world singer Jennifer Kae and the Cirque de Soleil’s Peter Shub were present as were Tagesschau presenters Judith Rakers and Steven Gatjen. Following Chancellor Merkel’s speech, guests partied at an outdoor concert by UK pop star Amy MacDonald. In all, the Palais am Funkturm hosted around 500 guests from the worlds of business, politics and showbiz. This year, yet again, Chancellor Merkel addressed the audience, underlining the importance of IFA in “getting things moving” in the market. Indeed, this unique political support, stronger than at any other similar trade show in the world, is no doubt part of the show’s continuing success. Following is a translated extract from the Chancellor’s speech: Download Podcast Download Video at w w news gerMAn chAncellOr AngelA Merkel speAkIng On the OccAsIOn OF the OpenIng OF the IFA 2009 (Extracts) …For more than 85 years, the IFA has equally been a symbol and a synonym for innovation. At IFA Consumer Electronics Fair, numerous innovations were presented to the public for the first time. Amongst those figures - and it is always worthwhile mentioning this fact – the first demonstration of a television apparatus in 1930. It is also at the IFA where colour television started its triumphant advance. In 1979, the world’s first Compact Disc player was shown here, and in 2003, the age of the digital terrestrial television (DVB-T) began at the IFA. It is thus with confidence when we say that the IFA has always set the stage for the breakthrough of technological novelties from the fields of consumer electronics and information and communication technology alike… High-definition television [is] an issue that ranks very high on this year’s agenda… The athletics championships in Berlin this year sent out a strong initial signal, and we hope that starting with the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver in 2010, German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF will be able to provide nationwide coverage of the event in HDTV to be enjoyed by as many viewers as possible… I therefore believe it to be a good thing that the federal and state governments have come to an agreement on the legal basis of the socalled "digital dividend". However, at the same time we hope that the providers will make appropriate choices as regards the available frequencies and will not hesitate to tender for them. The fact that this process takes a long time cannot be solely attributed to the providers. General regulations, the tendering process and others aspects also come into play here. For Germany, this aspect is very important in terms of technological advances and the construction of a nationwide broadband network which must improve in quality in the course of the next decade. In this regard, and I say this in all sincerity, we are facing a number of challenges. On the one hand, there are powerful providers capable of facing these challenges, and there is a clear commitment to competition. On the other hand, there is the European Commission fighting for the rights of consumers. While the Commission wants customers to pay lower prices for the services and products currently offered this also signifies a reduction of the volume of investment that potential operators of broadband networks can make. The exciting aspect here is that for the first time the required comprehensive infrastructure will not be provided by the State while it still needs to establish the statutory framework for all citizens to benefit from the new technology… This leads me to another important aspect. Not everybody has been willing to accept that energysaving lamps enable us to save considerable amounts of energy, and others may still find it difficult to accept that energy-efficient devices are indispensable as regards consumer electronics and household appliances alike. However, the sales figures mentioned earlier may be an encouraging sign that consumers are increasingly becoming aware of this fact, and maybe also the price/ performance ratio of these appliances has improved. Once a process like this has broken ground, it is justified and significant. I am very glad to say that the outlook for the IFA 2009 is Dr. Angela Merkel, German Chancellor a very positive one. I believe that there was a certain degree of uncertainness amongst those involved in preparing this fair as regards the bookings of exhibition areas, the number of exhibitors to be expected and possible consequences of individual cost-savings programmes. The fact that we have nearly reached last year’s level clearly speaks in favour of your confidence and your efforts. If it is true what they say - that 50 % of the Economy is psychology - than this year’s IFA sets a strong sign that there are justifiable hopes for the forthcoming months and years to see an upswing. The Federal Republic of Germany suffered an enormous economic collapse in 2009. We are a strong export nation, and therefore a decrease in exports of 5 or 6 per cent signifies an enormous impact of the financial and economic crisis on our country. Therefore I am all the more happy to say that German consumers have shown a great deal of imperturbability. In addition, I believe, the measures introduced by the Government to improve the infrastructure and lower taxes and duties have a greatly contributed to this. But all measures are in vain if people are not willing to participate. Fortunately, this has not happened and many have benefited from our efforts or have a least seen lower declines than they feared. The more positive the presentation of your products and services the more positive customers will view your development. I am confident that the fascination that accompanies technology, that comes along with new developments and also the 4 IFA International • Saturday, 5 th & Sunday, 6 th September 2009

nEws fascination of comfort will help us to contribute to and support the forces of innovation in our country. It is against this backdrop that I am particularly glad to welcome so many exhibitors to Berlin. Hopefully, you will receive as many visitors as possible at your stands in the days to come… Considering these times, in which the global economy is struggling to get going soon again, I very much hope that this IFA will be particularly successful. If consumer electronics and household appliances can contribute to the economic upswing and thereby help to bring the world forward, the IFA 2009 will set a true mark in terms of the historical necessities of this continent and the world… Translation from original German Text / video by Kai Wagner. Left to Right: Dr. Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, gfu - Miss IFA and Raimund Hosch, CEO of Messe Berlin IFA International • Saturday, 5 th & Sunday, 6 th September 2009 5

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