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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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PRODUCT TRENDS Daewoo Galaxy Reflects Diversity of Products Theme “Living in Harmony” in Step with Major Lifestyle movement at IFA Daewoo Electronics’ stand at IFA follows the theme “Living in Harmony”. Many new products demonstrate the harmonious link between modern technology and impressive design. Daewoo Electronics’ new solutions satisfy the desires and expectations of its customers, especially for TFT LCD TVs but also various recorders and mobile multimedia equipment. This year, the focal point of the visitor area in Hall 7.2.b is the “Daewoo Galaxy”. Visitors can enter this galaxy to discover new worlds of technology presented in individual open spaces on the left and right for ease of orientation. 1000 tiny cubes float above visitors representing a starry sky and conveying the idea of a galaxy - the Daewoo Galaxy. Large square padded stools positioned around a rotating logo animation invite visitors to linger and take the time to see, listen to and feel the harmony of technology and design. Like last year Daewoo Electronics has again incorporated a large business area in the hall. In the relaxed atmosphere of the Daewoo Lounge, dealers can learn more about the product range from a high-quality presentation. The communication and design concept used on last year’s IFA stand has been nominated for the iF Communication Design Award 2007. We will find out on the evening of August 31 whether the agency D’Art Design Gruppe has won an award. Encouraged by this nomination, the designers and Daewoo Electronics have optimized and developed the concept again for this year’s presentation. Full HDTV, 100 hertz and MGDI Plus offer outstanding image quality Daewoo Electronics is using an extra area on the stand to vividly illustrate how new technologies have further enhanced imaging of TFT LCD TVs. Everybody is talking about “full HDTV” and Daewoo Electronics is presenting several new models for this high-resolution form of imaging. When compared with High Definition (HD), these new TFT LCD TVs display a total of around two million pixels thanks to their 1080 vertical and 1920 horizontal pixels. This is twice as many as HD and seven times as many as analogue TV. The TFT LCD TVs produced by Daewoo Electronics bring the best out of any image. Pixel-to-pixel matching allows each pixel to be perfected and produces a clear, sharp overall picture. display 100 images a second and generate extra images in addition to the 50 original ones transmitted. The transitions between the images appear more fluid and the viewer does not notice any unclear movements. The result is shown in a picture that is sharper, richer in contrast and more true to colour. Hall 7.2b The full HDTVs from Daewoo Electronics always show images from sources like HD DVD, Blu-ray or X-Box in 1080p quality regardless of whether the HDMI, component or D-Sub input is used. The method used to input pictures into TVs is no longer key to ensuring the best levels of image quality The new 100-hertz technology used in TFT LCD TVs delivers enhanced images well worth seeing. Visitors can see the difference for themselves in a direct comparison between a 50-hertz model and a 100-hertz model (DLT- 42G1 HZ). When TV images are transmitted at a rate of 50 images a second, the crystals in the LCD change every six milliseconds. Quick movements can therefore appear unclear and seem to flicker. The new 100-hertz TFT LCD TVs apply a trick of great virtue: they IFA International • Saturday, 1 st September 2007 23

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