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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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CONFERENCE SPOTLIGHT Samsung Opens Conference Round Reflecting Major Philosophy Changes by Top Players at IFA. 4 of the major “curtain raiser” Press Conferences (Samsung, LGE, Philips and Panasonic) left no doubt as to the priorities of the principal actors in consumer electronics. Television remains the dominant product, and the communal red line of these major players is lifestyle, with the point of origin being design and art. During the Samsung Press Conference, Dr Jong Woo Park, president of Samsung Digital Media Business, immediately underlined the importance of LCD television in the Samsung strategy and also the importance of Europe in this domain. It was confirmed that the company had managed to achieve a market share of more than 20% of LCD business worldwide and 25% in Europe alone. First priority was to make accessing content as easy as possible, with connectivity to devices coming second. To make the television a central part of consumer’s lives came in third. With sales of billion in 2006, the Digital Media Business comprises approximately 24% of Samsung Electronics’ total revenue. As one of the few electronics companies covering both the AV and IT markets Samsung International Keynotes a Highlight of IFA 2007 01.09.2007 9:45 – 10:30 a.m.: Guerrino De Luca President and Chief Executive Officer Logitech Venue: Hall 7.1a, IFA International Keynote Area Title: Never the same again - how digital technology will change the face of consumer electronics and home entertainment 01.09.2007 3:00 – 3:45 p.m.: George Bailey General Manager, IBM Global Electronics Industry Venue: Hall 7.1a, IFA International Keynote Area Title: Innovative CE Business Models through Technology Collaboration 02.09.2007 9:45 – 10:30 a.m.: Andreas Westhoff Chief Sales Officer NAVIGON AG Venue: Hall 7.1a, IFA International Keynote Area Title: Connected Navigation: Access to the infinite mobile future Electronics’ Digital Media Business showed significant growth in premium segments, especially in TVs. In 2006 Samsung was globally ranked first in total TV, Flat Panel and LCD TV markets, both in sales and units. The Digital Media Business consists of four divisions – Visual Display, Digital AV, Computer System and Digital Printing Division. The Visual Display Division is the world’s largest manufacturer of digital TVs and monitors. It has a full range of TV technologies including LCD, Plasma and DLP TVs as well as conventional tube TVs. Samsung has maintained its position as the No. 1 display manufacturer since 1989. The Digital AV Division focuses on creating and leading markets with innovative products based on Audio Video Loewe Connect is a new range offering 32, 37 and 42 inch televisions that introduces completely new options of connectivity to portable devices such as digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players and PC networks. An integrated PhotoViewer enables users to present digital JPEG photos as slide shows in full HD resolution with up to 1920x1080 pixels. Loewe Connect TVs also feature a VGA port for PCs, thus making the display of large format PowerPoint presentations possible. Games consoles with HDTV resolution or HDTV Blu-ray technologies. Through these efforts, Samsung has introduced the EISA award winning HT-TXQ120 home theatre system. Providing consumers with both state of the art functionality and futuristic design, Digital AV Division continues to create products that shape the world of AV technology. The Computer System Division has strengthened its position in the “Thin and Light” segment of the notebook PC market, and made big headlines by launching the worlds first Ultra Mobile PC “Samsung Q1” in May 2006 through close collaboration with Intel and Microsoft. Meanwhile, Computer System Division released the upgraded “Q1 Ultra” in March 2007. The Digital Printing Division has led innovation in small printer products and is rapidly building its business in colour players can be connected to one of the two HDMI ports. A module slot with a standard CI interface enables reception of pay TV channels without the need for a set-top box, but of course a satellite receiver can be optionally installed. Digital data such as MP3 files, photos or video films are often saved on a PC which is normally not positioned next to the TV set. Therefore, in addition to the USB interface, the “Connect Media” features Ethernet and WLAN interfaces for easy networking. Even easier, the Loewe Media Player is installed using a dLAN 200 laser printers and mid to high speed printers. Printer business is now evolving into a total IT service business that embraces products, solutions and services. The business model will form a major pillar of Samsung Electronics. Key Samsung Products include: • LED LCD TV • Full HD LCD TV • Dual Format HD Optical Disc Player • Home Theatre Solution with Blu-ray • Full HD DLP Front Projector • 3inch Palm Theatre • The Compact HD Camcorder • Premium Digital Camera • Simple Network Monitor • Slim, Sleek and Silent Mono Laser Multifunction Printer • ... Bringing together what belongs together… Loewe Press Conference Highlights Connectivity of New Offering AV adapter. This new technology allows the “mains” to act as data transmitters. With a rate of 200 mbs, this is around 70 times faster than a conventional Internet connection, enabling the Media Player to be connected to a Media Server PC or network storage unit without the need for cables. For convenient interactive operation, Loewe has integrated the Network Mediaplayer, which not only provides access to centrally stored digital photos and music but also to video clips. The package is rounded off with the 24 IFA International • Saturday, 1 st September 2007

CONFERENCE SPOTLIGHT Making technology work better Meet the leading lights Dr Rainer Hecker Loewe CEO Connect Media DR+, featuring a hard disk recorder capable of handling HDTV programmes. Home networking increases in importance With the introduction of the unique Digital + HD platform integrated into the TV set, Loewe offer their customers the option of integrating their flat screen TVs into existing and new home networking systems from leading providers such as AMX, Crestron and Revox. Using a standard RS232 interface customers with a home networking system can operate the latest generation of Loewe flat screen TVs via an external touch panel. The TV can be turned on or off, the channel changed or a hard disk recording activated even if the TV is not turned on. This year at IFA 2007, together with AMX, Loewe presents the integration of their flat screen TV in a professional home networking system. Surround sound with just one component Projector delivers what the maker describes as “incredibly authentic” surround sound with just a single component, from the TV, DVDs or the new Loewe BluTech Vision Blu-ray player. The 40 small directional speakers and 2 woofers hidden behind its elegant exterior use the walls of the room as reflective surfaces, generating an optimal surround sound experience Loewe remain firm in support of Blu-ray Disc Loewe is further expanding its position as an innovator with the BluTech Vision Blu-ray player. Loewe BlueTech vision’s image playback makes it possible to transfer cinema content with no loss of data via an HDMI interface, creating unprecedented picture sharpness. Additionally, Loewe BluTech Vision supports new audio formats such as Dolby True HD or dts HD which it provides in 7.1 format at the digital out port. BluTech Vision also features a decoder to enable analogue playback of 5.1 Dolby digital sound. Exhibiting for the first time at the IFA, SirValUse, a company of 50 employees based in Hamburg – Germany, who are spreading the word that usability testing is an increasing trend. As products become more innovative, their man/machine interface becomes more complex and leading brand names are realising that ease of use is crucial to their product’s success. SirValUse will take a product and test every factor of its usability, analysing and optimising electronic interfaces in every development phase including usability, utility, design/brand and emotional qualities. SirValUse is a founding member of the international network "User eXperience Alliance" (UXA) in which five leading usability agencies from Europe and the USA have joined together, resulting in the following advantages for international projects: • Quality: A guarantee of uniform worldwide service and quality standards in conducting usability testing within a very short time • Experience: Partners possess cultural knowledge that enables them to fulfil the requirements of each particular country in an optimal manner. • Technologies/Tools: Close networking enables worldwide eye-tracking analyses and online surveying as well as further user experience testing at any time. • Efficiency: Enabling usability testing to be conducted within a narrow time schedule from one source. Jürgen Franzen Manager Mass Market, Behringer Hall 11.1 Stand 102 Johann Weierer Product Marketing Manager, Micronas Hall 26a Stand 219 The new Loewe Individual Sound Gregor Bieler VP sales & marketing consumer electronics, Logitech EMEA Hall 25 Stand 113 IFA International • Saturday, 1 st September 2007 25

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