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WEEKEND Edition - IFA International 2017

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NEWS Haier

NEWS Haier Fridge-Freezer Prolongs Food Life One-in-five homes own a Haier appliance, according to the Chinese manufacturer Yannick Fierling, Haier Europe’s CEO, told journalists at its IFA press conference, that Haier is unveiling “the biggest range of possibilities” in Berlin. Fierling launched a number of new innovations including the F+, a multi-door fridge-freezer, which features an oxygen-controlled preservation system known as Antioxydant Zone. “This was inspired by the same nitrogen vacuum preservation used in round-the-world cruise ships, which extracts air and reduces oxygen levels in order to allow food to breathe gently and enter a dormant preservation mode,” Fierling said. “The process of suppressing oxidation ensures the freshness of food while retaining its nutrients and taste, extending the shelf-life of foods by up to eight times longer than other refrigerators.” The Antioxydant Zone technology has been recognised by the German VDE Certification Authority. Haier also launched the Link Cook Series, a range of connected refrigerators that have cameras fitted into the doors. This allows users to get information on the freshness, best -efore dates as well as nutritional quality. In addition, Link Cook appliances will suggest recipes based on the refrigerator’s contents in order to avoid unnecessary food wastage. In home laundry, Fierling previewed a double-axis washing machine, which offers faster washing and uses less energy. He highlighted that the energy-efficiency rating of the model is A+++ -70%. Haier also launched the Super Drum range, which it described as Loewe Adds New Bild 3 Model to its Product Portfolio German firm places emphasis on quality, reliability and design The Loewe Bild 3 a “game-changing innovation” for families that don’t want to choose between big capacity and space saving. Going beyond conventional sizing standards, this full touch-screen washer-dryer has a compact form at 46cm deep, and features a 10kg-capacity drum with a 601mm High-end German TV manufacturer Loewe used its IFA 2017 press conference to recap on what has been a strong 12 months, and to introduce new production innovations for the coming year. CEO Mark Hüsges said image and sound quality remain core to the company’s strategy which is expressed through its Bild TV sets and Klang sounds systems. Among larger sets, above 55”, Hüsges said OLED is the benchmark for quality – but that for small screens LCD offers a good alternative. In terms of the company’s strengths, he said a recent survey positioned Loewe high in terms of product quality, range of portfolio and reliability. This, he said, has helped the company widen its distribution network and driven growth by 60% for the year to date, also leading to 149 new jobs. He also stressed the company’s design ethic and its inhouse development, which means it is not reliant on other firms to drive technological innovation across its product range. diameter. The Super Drum has an A+++ -50% energy-efficiency rating, the widest drum access in its class of up to 44.5cm, and has wifi connectivity Hall 3.1 Stand 109 In terms of new product development, Loewe CXO Jonathan Herrle said the emphasis this year has been on affordable quality in the form of the new Bild 3 model. The 43”, 49” and 55” models of the Bild 3 are all available for use in different parts of the house – bedroom, kitchen, living room. The Bild 3 can be placed on the wall, with the table stand on the sideboard or freestanding with the floor stand and is available in graphite grey or light grey. In the area of sound, Herle talked about the quality of Loewe’s new Klang m1 portable speaker product. Echoing wider trends in the industry, Herrle says voice recognition is emerging as a key development for TV manufacturers. The complete Loewe home entertainment system can now be operated via the Amazon Alexa app Hall 24 Stand 101 The VDE Institute presented six VDE certificates to Haier for its new Fresher Techs technology. IFA International • Saturday 2 nd & Sunday 3 rd September 2017 11

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