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WEEKEND Edition - IFA International 2017

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NEWS Fresh Herbs,

NEWS Fresh Herbs, Eco-Friendly and With Style WMF’s newly-launched WMF Ambient range includes the herbs@home indoor garden AEG’s Himalayan salt block Home Improvements from AEG New products designed to make home life better WMF’s herbs@home AEG presented innovative products for the home during its IFA press conference on Thursday – appliances and accessories designed “to greatly improve the consumer experience”. THE SLIM-FIT WINDMILL-DESIGN INDUCTION HOB can be installed into a work surface as little as 12mm in depth. As well as optimising space, a user interface offers intuitive controls. When a pan is placed on the hob, the LED slider control automatically lights up so that it is easy to immediately set the desired temperature. THE HIMALAYAN SALT BLOCK offers a new way of preparing and experiencing food. Superior heat distribution – afforded by the crystalline structure of the salt – means that temperature spreads evenly through the entire block, and food cooks, or chills, at the same rate no matter where it’s placed. The salt block can be used on the hob, in the oven, in the fridge or freezer and serves as a tool for food preparation, for cooking on as well as a serving plate. THE SPINVIEW SHELF is an addition to the CustomFlex mastery range of fridges. The rotating shelf can be turned THE HIMALAYAN SALT BLOCK OFFERS A NEW WAY OF PREPARING AND EXPERIENCING FOOD 360 degrees in both directions, eliminating the need to take food out of the fridge to find something hidden or forgotten about when obstructed from view. THE ULTRASONIC STAIN REMOVER PEN treats clothing and fabrics before washing. When used with water and detergent, ultrasound technology sends tiny vibrations through fibres to loosen stains particle by particle so they are more easily removed when washed. Common stains that can be treated include red wine, coffee and tea as well as blue ink and mud. The company has also launched an installation app for smart devices, enabling installers to scan or search a range of kitchen appliances to ensure the correct and fastest way of installation Hall 9 Stand 125 German small appliance manufacturer WMF introduced its Ambient range at IFA. It features practical interior furnishings that are both decorative and functional – including herbs@home, a herb garden designed to provide permanently fresh herbs to the home. An indoor plant pot made of the company’s Cromargan stainless steel material, it boasts a number of intelligent functions. An integrated wick watering mechanism helps keep kitchen herbs or flowers looking good for longer and enables the user to leave plants for a number of days without watering. An energyefficient LED lighting system creates “exciting light effects and lets the plants shine”. The lamps can be turned on and off and the brightness adjusted with a light touch. Consumers want a cosy atmosphere when cooking, but also healthy, varied ingredients, WMF research has found: “We want to know where our food comes from, and seek out local produce.” The company observes growth in the indoor gardening segment and in urban gardening, “and people are having fun growing something for the kitchen even in the smallest of spaces. And it’s good for the climate, both indoors and outdoors”. Other plants can be grown in herbs@home, and it can also be used as a decorative ornamental pot for house plants. It can serve GOOD FOR THE CLIMATE, BOTH INDOORS AND OUTDOORS. as discreet lighting for the kitchen or living room, which makes the fresh plants look good at the same time; and an extra-long and removable cable enables connection to the power supply from a good distance. The tank contains enough water for up to four days, so plants will survive a long weekend away; herbs@home has space for two herbs or pot plants with a diameter of 12 cm; and a removable water tank makes it easy to clean Hall 6.1 Stand 102 IFA International • Saturday 2 nd & Sunday 3 rd September 2017 15

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