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WEEKEND Edition - IFA International 2017

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NEWS Christian Struck

NEWS Christian Struck Grundig’s Director, International Brand Management Sharp Showcases Raft of Home Appliances Company pledges ‘more meaningful innovation’ Grundig Commits to Make Homes More Sustainable Next generation of innovative and smart technologies is branded Sustainable Home 2.0 Using smart technology to reduce energy usage and food waste, Grundig is aiming to make sustainability tangible and relevant to the daily lives of consumers. Speaking at Grundig’s IFA press conference, Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Grundig’s parent company Arçelik, said: “Our commitment to sustainability and continual investment in the connected home space has resulted in a new generation of sustainable home appliances.” Grundig’s new drum for washing machines is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. As each drum is made of 60 recycled bottles, it is estimated that within the first phase of production, 6.6m bottles annually will be recycled to produce this technology – the new drum manufacturing process resulting in a total energy saving of 5.7m kWh per year. Christian Struck, Grundig’s Director, International Brand Management, said: “Globally, the average household today uses approximately 3,353 kWh of energy per year, and so the energy saved from the first phase of production of the Recycled PET drum equates to the yearly energy consumption of approximately 1,700 homes. “By recycling these PET plastic bottles, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by a total of 885 tonnes per year.” Other Grundig highlights include a Realtime Inventory Tracking system on refrigerators to help consumers keep track of their food and minimisise waste. The HomeWhiz app allows users to control all of their Grundig appliances in one place. From early 2018, users will be able to control their Grundig smart dishwasher, refrigerator, hob and extractor hood through Alexa, with the ability to turn these appliances on and off, and monitor the progress of washing and cooking programmes simply by asking. In early 2019, this function will be available in Grundig’s smart washing machine, tumble dryer and oven Hall 23 Stand 101 Sharp Home Appliances is extending its reach into the small domestic appliances sector, encompassing products including cordless vacuum cleaners and blenders. The announcement was made at the Sharp Home Appliances press conference on Thursday, where a diverse range of new initiatives and products was unveiled by the company. “We are embracing our unique potential to be original,” said Alberico Lissoni, Head of Sales & Marketing Europe. “To make our mark in Europe, we need to drive our innovations towards the affordable sector.” The company is aiming to revitalise the large-capacity cooling sector with the launch of an alternativelook range of designer fridgefreezers. The Grand Top series offers supersize capacity 600-litre, 550-litre and 510-litre models with enlarged easy-to-access 178-litre and 163-litre of freezer space. Designed with a slimmer, high-rise build, they distribute more capacity across their full length to save precious inches of kitchen space. Other new products include the Airstream Oven, a 78-litre oven designed with a two-fan structure The AirStream Oven and Eco Champion Dishwasher as well as multiple side vents. This creates a vertical air stream, which covers the entire oven cavity to provide perfectly even heating results for each of its five shelves. Wi-fi enabled appliances feature prominently in Sharp’s new offering, via a range called the New Smart Series. Encompassing an oven, fridge-freezer, dishwasher and washing machine. Functions include message alerts to the Sharp Customer Service Team, in the event that anything goes wrong with appliances. To use the service – designed to offer “a more inclusive and meaningful home service” – consumers can download an app, and register their contact details and their product serial numbers. Such pro-active, preventative measures ensure faster, more customercentric after-sales support and echo the company’s commitment to connectivity, Lissoni said. “We are providing more meaningful innovation to offer more personalised ongoing support,” he added Hall 9 Stand 108 18

NEWS ShowStoppers@IFA 2017 Selected Highlights from the “press only” event – the curtain raiser to IFA IFA International crew toured the numerous stands at StowStoppers@IFA and came up with an interesting shortlist of innovations… THE BLUE RASPBERRY Audio technology innovator Blue has launched Raspberry, a premium mobile USB microphone that delivers professional studio-quality audio from anywhere. Ideal for podcasts, on-location interviews, live streams, voice-overs, audio for YouTube, and music, Raspberry allows users to create high-end recordings beyond the constraints of a desktop studio. KEY SELLING POINTS Premium Audio: the clarity of elite studio microphones in a small, portable format Versatility: The condenser capsule is specifically tuned to sound great up close or at tabletop distance Mobility: The new, patent-pending Internal Acoustic Diffuser (IAD) focuses on the voice or instrument and minimises environmental sounds VAYYAR SENSORS Israeli company Vayyar creates sensors that have a range of fascinating applications from breast cancer screening to food safety monitoring. At ShowStoppers, however, the company focused on another great use – the ability to see through walls and to detect water pipes, electrical cables and rodent infestations. KEY SELLING POINTS Safe and fast operation based on low power radio transmissions Enhanced imaging for better detection of anomalies Compact, low power light weight PIXIE Pixie Technology has launched the latest version of Pixie, an app that applies augmented reality to help users to locate lost items. Lose the item, engage the Pixie app and start scanning the room. A 3D avatar of the missing object appears and floats within a beam of Pixie Dust, eventually settling the precise location of the item. KEY SELLING POINTS A magical image replaces the bleeping sounds of other location technology The exact distance to the object is displayed on the screen Pixie can see through walls and furniture RING Ring is the perfect doorbell product for the smart home age. A range of different Ring models are fitted with cameras so that it is possible for home owners to see who is ringing the doorbell – even if they are not at home. An app allows Ring users to see the visitor on their mobile phone and also talk to them. KEY SELLING POINTS Dual power – either use rechargeable battery or existing doorbell wiring Also includes motion sensor for when people visit your home but don’t ring! Lifetime purchase protection – if stolen, will be replaced for free GARMIN VÍVOMOVE HR vívomove HR, a hybrid smartwatch with activity tracking, Elevate wrist-based heart rate, smart notifications and a touchscreen display. Precision hands show the time and dynamically move out of the way for easy viewing of messages, heart rate and more. A master of subtlety, the smart display only appears when the user turns their wrist. KEY SELLING POINtS Design: simple yet sophisticated Cutting Edge: First on the market to offer a hybrid smartwatch with both wrist-based heart rate and a digital touchscreen display Autonomy: battery life of up to 5 days in smart mode and up to 2 weeks in watch mode May Woodbury, Garmin THE SLATE 2+ The Slate is designed for all creative types – illustrators, designers, doodlers, paperand-pencil lovers – who want to retain the natural, unparalleled feeling of a regular pen gliding across a sheet of paper all while enjoying the limitless possibilities of digital. With the Ring around your pencil, your sketches are instantly reproduced on the screen of your tablet or computer. KEY SELLING POINTS Light & Compact – perfect for using on the go Standalone – in Screenless Mode, drawings are saved directly to the Slate’s internal memory Instantaneous – drawings are instantly reproduced on the screen of your tablet or computer IFA International • Saturday 2 nd & Sunday 3 rd September 2017 19

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