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WEEKEND Edition - IFA International 2017

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ADVERTORIAL KITCHEN LIFESTYLE Committed to Innovation and Sustainability for the Best Home Experience Arcelik's global brands Beko and Grundig are showcasing innovative home solutions at IFA 2017 Hakan Bulgurlu, Chief Executive of Arçelik, says the company is unveiling a number of innovations across its product portfolios at IFA that will appeal to consumers looking for smart solutions. Our premium brand Grundig is looking at the future of technology at home and how connectivity and innovation will play a role in the sustainable households of the future. Among the new innovations, FreshMeter technology lets consumers monitor the lifecycle of their fresh meat in the refrigerator; and Realtime Inventory Tracking technology helps keep track of what is in the fridge-freezer and informs when the food will go bad. Our innovative 30-inch built-in oven, Gourmet Chef, offers chef cooking at home. It has precise temperature control, an 8-inch Touch TFT Display with new recipes, and advanced automatic self-cleaning. Our connected home appliance platform HomeWhiz, has been expanded into a full digital ecosystem. It now includes builtin Hob/Hood, Home Automation, Entertainment and Wellness products. In consumer electronics, we show the new 77-inch OLED TV as well as Wallpaper OLED, which offers an ultra-thin display solution with sleek design. Beko makes millions of lives better through every day innovation & democratises advanced technology. Its laundry range includes the world's fastest washer-dryer. The UltraFast feature can wash and dry five kg of clothes in less than 3 hours. Europe's first dishwasher with AutoDosing Technology allows one month’s detergent to be loaded at a time, rather than every wash. WE ARE ALWAYS DEVELOPING OUR INNOVATION MUSCLES Wellness, health and nutrition are really growth areas. How are your new products meeting this demand? The worldwide wellness industry is growing at an incredible speed. Consumers seek fresh, natural, and minimally processed foods. Health and wellness are key to us and so we have continued to invest in this field. This year at IFA we display MicroGarden which lets users grow fresh and healthy microgreens and herbs at home, comfortably, by preserving their nutritional value. AromaGarden, our aroma extracting device, provides natural aromas and essential oils by distillation. This can be used to prepare aromas for cooking, homemade cosmetics, and refreshers. All tech companies are working towards a more tangible smart home concept. What progress is being made here? It is well known that the smart home concept is proving slow to really take off. But the trend is still positive. We must create the best user experience by listening to them. So, the first step is the user journey design, which we are working on. For a total smart home experience, we are crafting user cases that bundle the experience with major domestic appliances and other sensors. How important is “true innovation” as part of your recipe, and how is this assured? We are always developing our innovation muscles. We do this by working together with our partners all over the world. We want to find the next, big growth areas by betting on revolutionary ideas. Firstly, we know that incremental innovation brings sustainable growth both globally and locally. We integrate customer insights, trend analysis, and technology with our business strategy. Secondly, process innovation means there is continuous improvement at all levels, divisions, and functions within the company, and in our relationships with external parties. Finally, radical innovation focuses on developing completely new businesses that have a significant transformative impact on the market. What are your key moves towards sustainability and a reduction in greenhouse gases? Energy efficiency is one of the best ways to fight against the negative effects of climate change. We have taken huge strides in energy efficiency. For instance, our home appliances are up to 80% more energy efficient and consume almost 70% less water today than 20 years ago. From 2010 to 2016 we reduced our total greenhouse gas emissions by 56% Hakan Bulgurlu Chief Executive, Arçelik Hall 23 Stand 101 30

ADVERTORIAL KITCHEN LIFESTYLE Life Simplified by Innovation Gorenje Group’s innovative approach increasingly important in user-centred design Innovation is a buzzword these days, especially when it comes to technological advancements as state-of-theart technology is built into home appliances in order for them to work better, faster and more energy-efficiently. For Gorenje Group, innovation is an important part of all aspects of design in order to simplify the users’ lives. What the users need are not only smarter technologies integrated into their appliances, but also smarter and easier ways to use them – here is where innovation in user experience centred design comes in. Gorenje has fully embraced this way of thinking and Gorenje's ‘Life Simplified’ motto has become a driving force behind their most recent user experience innovations. Making a customer happy by simplifying their life is important and for Gorenje this process starts already before a purchase has been made. With that in mind, Gorenje developed a chatbot called Anna that functions as a personal shopping assistant. Anna’s job is to interact with visitors of Gorenje websites in a human-to-humanlike conversation, with her responses and reactions based on user’s answers. She guides the customers through the home appliance browsing or purchase process, and makes it simpler, quicker and easier. The plans for innovation in user experience by using bots are big and far-reaching. Next in line for Gorenje is the further development of the cooking bot that will help users prepare healthy, fast and easy meals. Vladimir Nardin, Head of Digital Marketing, said: “The main purpose of chatbots is to simplify things for our customers. We envision the future where every step of the process, from choosing a product to the actual everyday use, will be simple, clear and precise – and by using chatbots we are making that happen.” In many households, the kitchen is the heart of the home and as such it should be pleasant and simple to use. Gorenje has designed the new IQ induction hob, a smart and flexible hob that does not need any human control other than a single touch on the easy-to-control interface. Boštjan Pečnik, Executive Vice President, responsible for the cooking programme, said: “We believe cooking should be an experience that is always enjoyable, so our three main requirements while designing the IQ induction hob were simplicity, speed and, most importantly, safety.” The hob with an XXL cooking surface uses the IQ intelligent sensors to automatically adjust its operation, while the AutoDetect technology adapts the cooking zone according to the cookware used. IQ induction hob is fully automated and reliable, and most importantly, made to deliver tastier results faster, more efficiently and in a more userfriendly manner. Yet the idea of Life Simplified is not something that would only be applied to the use of Gorenje’s appliances. Rather, it plays a crucial role in the design process as well. In order to make every step of designing and constructing a new product more efficient and intuitive, Gorenje’s e x p e r t s also use augmented r e a l i t y technology. It enables them to easily adapt, change, and analyse the construction and design of a product – a process that makes sure that the final product is exactly as it should be. Besides simplifying the design process, it enables faster and better co-operation of key departments in developing new products. With the introduction of the Microsoft HoloLens in its product development process, Gorenje is taking decisive steps towards a more digital future in order to design the best possible results. Shifting some of the focus on user experience innovation has enabled Gorenje to more thoroughly address the needs and wishes of their consumers. Dušan Zupančič, Lead of Gorenje’s Digital Services & Connected Appliances Software Development Team, said: “Innovation is important both in user experience design where we try to make products that will be easier and safer to use, and in the production process itself to reduce time and costs. In the future, the customer will therefore get better quality for a lower price” Hall 1.1 Stand 201 IFA International • Saturday 2 nd & Sunday 3 rd September 2017 31

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