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September Issue 2018

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To Infinity (Pool) And

To Infinity (Pool) And Beyond Excited for 118 Residence Sky Deck's Infinity Pool? So are we. With a spectacular view of Kiulap and a 1.20 meter water depth, kids and adult could enjoy the fantastic views safely. The pool deck features plentiful of comfy loungers under a generous canopy and lush green walls to keep the temperature down. After nightfall, witness the spectacular pool lights come to life. let us play host to your well-being and serenity. 118 Residence will soon be your sanctuary.

Show-Time Get a glimpse of 118 Residence from our show units soon to be ready for viewing. See our urban and contemporary style set ups to get a head start on how you plan to design your apartment once it is ready. Click on the photo above for a sneak preview.

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