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A DEBILITATING DISEASE WITH A SUBSTANTIAL SOCIAL IMPACT. Arthrosis of the knee is a chronic degenerative disease which occurs when the joint cartilage that covers the ends of the femur and tibia becomes thin thereby bringing these two bony surfaces into “contact”. It is more common in the elderly (prevalently women) and overweight people although it can also affect younger people, especially if they do hard, repetitive sports activities, or a physically demanding job or have suffered previous knee injuries. This is a debilitating disease that involves taking large quantities of painrelief medication and already affects millions of people around the world (and this figure is expected to rise by 40% by 2025 due the increase in the average age). Orthoservice wants to help to reduce the pain and discomfort experienced by so many patients with its new OA brace. Designed with state-of-the-art techniques and next-generation materials, this brace is an extremely comfortable and effective way to relieve pain plus it is very easy to put on, even for older people. 9DCDP00089EN01.0318 Headquarter: ORTHOSERVICE AG Via Milano 7 · CH-6830 Chiasso (TI) · Switzerland · Tel. 0041 91 8220088 · Fax 0041 91 8220089 Niederlassung Deutschland: Orthoservice Deutschland GmbH Flugstraße 8 · D-76532 Baden-Baden · Deutschland Tel. 0049 (0)7221 9719780 · Fax 0049 (0)7221 9719782 · Sede italiana: RO+TEN s.r.l. Sede legale: Via Fratelli Ruffini, 10 · I-20123 Milano (MI) · Italia Sede operativa e amministrativa: Via Comasina, 111 · I-20843 Verano Brianza (MB) · Italia Tel. 0039 039 6014094 · Fax 0039 039 6014234 · Società soggetta a Direzione e Coordinamento (art. 2497bis CC): Orthoservice AG (CH) · 6830 Chiasso (TI) · Switzerland ORTHO-A Knee brace for gonarthrosis One size; right or left. RIGHT = for medial gonarthrosis of the right knee (varus right knee) or for lateral gonarthrosis of the left knee (valgus left knee). LEFT = for medial gonarthrosis of the left knee (varus left knee) or for lateral gonarthrosis of the right knee (valgus right knee). INDICATIONS • Moderate unicompartmental gonarthrosis • Postoperative care of cartilage or menisci CONTRAINDICATIONS There are no known contraindications at this time. ORTHO-A Knee brace for gonarthrosis REF. 91014

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