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Dynair® Cardo®

Dynair® Cardo® Ballkissen® Dynair Cardo Ballkissen Smooth, adjustable air cushion. Allows controlled dynamic sitting due to its square shape. Well suited for starting back training or therapy. Strengthens torso muscles. Keeps the vertebrae gently in motion and trains spinal musculature. Can help maintain an upright position. Especially designed for beginners and elderly. Healthy Sitting Dynair® Comfort Wedge-Ballkissen® Art.No. : Colour: 400390 black, blue, dark-red, terra, dark-blue Size: 36 cm Packing unit: 5 Contents: in deco-box with exercise poster Material: Ruton Max. load: ca. 200 kg Specials: with senso knobs Dynair Comfort Wedge-Ballkissen Perfect new solution for everybody who has to sit all day long and and suffers from back pain. Easy to use on (nearly) every chair in the office, at home or on journey. The air-filled Dynair Comfort cushion is made of even softer and more comfortable foamed material. The renewed shape of the cushion got an additional integrated relief zone in the center. The Dynair Comfort makes the user sit in a active and dynamic way with balance effect at the same time. It is an ergonomic shaped and adjustable air cushion. Small unconscious movements are steadily necessary and lead to more balance and training of the deeper stabilizing back musculature. This can relieve back pain and support more upright position during a long work day. Dynair® Wedge-Ballkissen® Art.No. : Colour: 400720 blue, anthracite Size: ca. 36 x 37 cm Packing unit: 4 Contents: in deco-box with exercise poster and pump Material: foamed Ruton, with needle valve Max. load: ca. 150 kg Dynair Wedge-Ballkissen Comfortable and dynamic sitting with balance effect. Ergonomically shaped adjustable air cushion. Strengthens back muscles, can help reduce back problems and promotes upright posture. The optimized weight distribution on the thighs helps the veins. Ideal combination of ball cushion and wedge cushion in one product. Perfect to use on the office chair, at school and at home. Eu Patentno. 1616506 10 NEW! Art.No.: Colours: Size ca.: 400140 red, green, blue, turquoise, pink, pearl, yellow 29 x 29 cm 400340 black, blue, dark-red, terra, dark-blue, pink, pearl, 36 x 37 cm sea-grass, misty-mountain, aubergine, basalt 400160 black, blue, dark-red, terra, dark-blue, pink, pearl, sea-grass, misty-mountain, aubergine, basalt 37 x 40 cm PU: 4 for 400340 and 400160, 5 for 400140 Contents: in deco-box with exercise poster and pump Material: Ruton, with needle valve Max. load: ca. 200 kg (ca. 300 kg for Dynair Wedge-Ballkissen Plus)

happyback® Ballkissen® happyback Ballkissen Sit healthy and dynamic. In the office, at home or while traveling, you unconsciously train the deep muscles of the spine, thereby strengthening your back without having to spend additional time on exercises. Through the innovative seat cushion effect, the ball adapts individually to the personal body shape and optimizes the positive effects. The enclosed instructions and videos on supply more information on the applications. Dispay available. happyback display Art.No.: Name: Contents: 805027 happyback display (delivered filled) each 16 x 33 cm 0 and 36 cm 0 happyback Ballkissen Art.No. : Colour: PU: Size ca.: 400210 blue, anthracite 5 ca. 33 cm 0 Sitzball ABS® happyback Ballkissen XL Art.No. : Colour: PU: Size ca.: 400310 blue, anthracite 4 ca. 336cm 0 Contents: in a deco-box, with exercise chart Material: foamed Ruton, with needle valve Max. load: ca. 200 kg Sitzball ABS Original ABS® safety made in Germany - The airbag for your gym ball. Developed especially for work and learning environment. Does not roll away when you stand up. Special ABS characteristics. Active, dynamic and safe sitting. Train back and abdominals while seated. Guaranteed safety thanks to the ABS- Material*. *see instruction for use Safety category 5 ***** The burst proof fitness ball: Powerball ABS - the original made in Germany. The great physical barrier guaranteed. The special material ABS is latex-free, odorless and very load-bearing. The safety system functions similarly to an airbag system in the car: in the event of damage to the ball by e.g. Sharp edges, needles, glass splitter, scissors, etc., the Crylon safety material prevents the ball-skin from tearing open. The air passes slowly through the hole. A plating is excluded and injuries caused by an unexpected fall are avoided. We guarantee this as a manufacturer. Follow the instructions for use. Healthy Sitting Back-Fit at Work: Balance Block & TOGU® Brasil® Art.No. Colour: Size 0: 408460 blue, silver 45 cm 408560 blue, silver 55 cm 408660 blue, silver 65 cm 408760 blue, silver 75 cm Packing unit: 4 Contents: in deco-box with exercise poster Material: Crylon Max. load: 500 kg loadable (120 kg ABS guarantee) Back-Fit at Work - Balance Block and TOGU Brasil For an uncomplicated fitness session at your office workplace. Can increase the physical activity, concentration and balance (body and mind) without extra time required. Can avoid back pain same time by training deeper laying back musculature. The practical movement program was developed by the Association of German Back schools (Bundesverband der deutschen Rückenschulen BdR e.V. and is recommended for employees and employers. Brasil and Balance Block are also available as extra devices: Brasil in a set of 2 Art.No. 470636 Balance Block Art.No. 410480 recommended by Art.No. : Colour: 805029 blue-purple and green Size: ca. 33 x 15 x 7 cm; 2 x ca. 270 gr Packing unit: 1 Contents: Set of 2 Brasil and Balance Block incl. exercise poster Material: Ruton Max. load: ca. 150 kg 11

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