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Healthy Training Balance

Healthy Training Balance and Sensorimotor Training Healthy Training 16

Movement - remedy of the 21st century The Healthy Training concept Healthy Training means movement in order to remain healthy or to regain your health. And Healthy Training means enjoyment – enjoyment of movement. In cooperation with TOGU, doctors have developed the concept of „Healthy Training“ which resulted in a range of 15-minute movement programmes that you can be accessed online free of charge and easily integrated into your everyday life. Each programme has a certain training goal, e.g. stabilising the back, and is also easy to do for beginners. There is a device set suitable for each programme for increased effectiveness of the exercises. Balance and Sensorimotor Training The TOGU training devices particularly support sensorimotor training. Here, the interaction of sensors (e.g. nerve pathways) and motor functions (e.g. muscles, fasciae, joints, bones) is targeted and improved. Irrespective of whether you use the Healthy Training programme for prevention or after symptoms have appeared: Please ask your doctor or physiotherapist for advice in case of problems or pain. Healthy Training offers a solution you can implement yourself in your everyday life or as a supplement to your professional therapeutic treatment. Find your balance - Increase performance and well-being Balance Training is also strength training. You don’t only train your ability to balance but also your muscles, which ensure your flexibility and the stability of your joints. Strengthening the trunk and back muscles is decisive for your well-being and prevents backaches before they emerge. The proper training is less complicated and time-consuming than you might think. With sports equipment such as the TOGU Jumper Pro (suitable for beginners as well as competitive athletes and fitness professionals), you can reach this goal with simple exercises no matter where you happen to be. Balance Training can help you improve your well-being: • Improved blood circulation • Improved balance • Improved reactivity and coordination • Enhanced muscle strength • Boosted brain and memory fitness • More safety and agility in daily living movements • Effective at any age and for any fitness level Healthy Training 17

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