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Bodybone® & Bodybone®

Bodybone® & Bodybone® XL Bodybone & Bodybone XL The Bodybone – made in Germany – is an outstanding and anatomically aligned tool. It can be used methodically in any therapy and training to loosen up tensions and blockades in the entire spinal area. Due to the size and stiffness of the material the Bodybone can be placed on spinal areas, where a smooth expansion will relax the stressed muscle. Extremely effective while applied in a massage of tense lateral spinal muscles, the lumbar spine area, as well as muscles on the surface and extremities. The bodybone is filled with special weight material. In size XL which is exclusively filled with air, it is usable as support for the neck in a dorsal position as well as a relieve for hands and feet in therapy. Fascial Fitness and Rolls Faszio Ball Art.No.: Name: Size / Weight: Colour: PU: 410431 Bodybone ca. 15 x 6,5 cm / ca. 430 g silver-grey 6 410432 Bodybone ca. 15 x 6,5 cm / ca. 430 g red 6 410440 Bodybone XL ca. 26 x 14 cm silver-grey 2 Contents: in a box Material Bodybone: Ruton with special weight-filling Material Bodybone XL: Ruton with plug- and needle-valve Max. Load: ca. 150 kg Faszio Ball The healthy stimulation of fasciae for everyone! The air-filled Faszio Ball – made in Germany - solves highly effective fascial adhesions and tensions, stimulates metabolism. Therefore it protects the vascular system and protects against an overload of myofascial structures. The new material mixture is in itself firm but flexible. Therefore the ball adapts both locally as holistic to the body, as well as giving an adequate pressure on the myofascial structures. By varied air supply the degree of hardness is regulated, allowing individual and dosed adaptation. The user-friendly, vascular gentle and versatile handling. It allows an application at home and in groups, such as health, back, senior citizens courses or general fitness classes. NEW! Fascial Coach Ball NEW! Art.No.: Name: Size: Colour: PU: 465380 Faszio Ball allround ca. 10 cm 0 blue 10 465450 Faszio Ball local ca. 4 cm 0 blue 50 Contents: in a carton box Material: Ruton Fascial Coach Ball The air-filled Fascial Coach Ball – made in Germany – can dissolve fascial adhesions and tensions. The gentle, skin-friendly material can reduce perception of pain. The degree of hardness is regulated by air supply, which allows an individual and controlled adaptation to your personal needs. Depending on the objective, adhesions can be solved, tensions can be removed and the metabolism can be stimulated. For use at home as well as in groups. The concept „Fascial Coach“ uses the ball in combination with TOGU Blackroll and Actiroll the support surface can be optimally adjusted and the intensity of pressure on the fascial structures can be controlled well. Healthy Training Art.No.: Colour: 430612 turquoise Size: ca. 16 cm Ø Packing unit: 20 Material: Ruton 48

FascialFitness Ball - Set of 3 NEW! Fascial Fitness Ball - Set of 3 Fascial Fitness Ball in a set of 3 - made in Germany - ideal complement to larger TOGU fascial balls. With different diameters and shapes, the massage balls can be used everywhere and are ideal for point-to-point application for hands, feet and other body parts. The special Perineum Egg Ball has been adapted to the anatomy of the female pelvic floor and is used for self-treatment in the fascial training. Receptors of the fascia layer of the sole of the foot are stimulated and the sensitivity, erection and balance are improved. In addition, rehydration, regeneration and metabolism are stimulated after a training session. This can also be used to prevent overloads and inflammations. The fascial chain, which rises from the arch of the foot over the adductors into the pelvic floor, is addressed with the Fascial Fitness balls. Concept and developed by Dr. Robert Schleip und Divo Müller Pendel® Roll Wave Art.No.: Colour: 805097 red Packing unit: 6 Material: Ruton Pendel Roll Wave The fascial roll Pendel Roll Wave - made in Germany - is filled with air and individually adjustable in the hardness to your needs. Take advantage of the Pendel Roll Wave in active regeneration by self massage and relaxation exercises. The fascial roll adapts through the special design for rolling exercises optimally to the body. The oval shape and smaller contact area to achieve a particularly pleasant massage effect. The Pendel Roll Wave can be easily and continuously adjusted with the included hand pump to different degrees of hardness. Thus the Pendel Roll Wave is perfect to reach new progressions to use and to work with different people and needs. Compared to foam rollers no material fatigue occurs. The air charge makes it possible to roll also on joints and vertebrae without pain and without risk of injury. During the massage, using one‘s own bodyweight mainly bonds and tensions can be resolved. The blood circulation of the whole body can be thus promoted. As dynamic training tool the Pendel Roll Wave is also perfect for balance, coordination and stabilization exercises to use when sitting or lying. The material is durable and easy to clean, odorless and 100% recyclable. Includes a pump for individual adjustment of the degree of hardness. Fascial Fitness and Rolls OS Roller Premium Art.No.: Colour: PU: Size ca.: 465390 black, red 4 45 x19 cm 0 Contents: in polybag incl. pump Material: hardened Ruton Max. Load: ca. 150 kg OS Roller Premium To use in Functional Training and Personal Training. Variable exercises possible. Consists of heavy-duty EVA foam material. Available in 45 und 90 cm length. Non-slip surface. Art.No. Colour: Size: 400057 anthracite 45 x 15 cm 400067 anthracite 90 x 15 cm Packing unit: 6 Contents: with exercise poster in foil Material: EVA (0,038 g/cm³) Healthy Training 49

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