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TOGU® Brasil® set of 2

TOGU® Brasil® set of 2 TOGU Brasil set of 2 The intelligent filling of air and weight offers you specific movement feedback (shake effect). Deep muscle training for the health and figure. Firming effects and preventative back training through minimal movement amplitude. Uncomplicated and effective even with 5 minutes training a day. Protects the joints due to the low weight: ca. 270 g each. Ergonomically designed, can be re-shaped thanks to air filling. originally with the TOGU Brasil wristband Weight- and Dumbbell Training TOGU ® Brasil ® TOGU® Brasil® Aqua TOGU ® Brasil ® Brasil® Base Set 1 Art.No.: Colour: 470636 green Size: 2 x ca. 270 g Packing unit: 10 Contents: in a polybag with exercise poster, yellow rubber band Material: Ruton TOGU Brasil Aqua The intelligent filling of air and weight offers you a specific movement feedback (shake effect). This enables you to do deep muscle training for your health and figure. Firming effects and preventative back training through minimal movement amplitude. Now also available as Brasil Aqua with safety straps which avoid to lose the Brasil during aquatic fitness. Uncomplicated and effective to use for professionals and fitness enthusiasts. Protects the joints due to the low weight: ca. 270 g each hand. Ergonomically designed. Art.No.: Colour: 470666 green Size: 2 x ca. 270 g Packing unit: 10 Contents: in a polybag incl. 2 safety straps and training chart Material: Ruton Brasil Base The new Brasil Base – made in Germany – for Brasil GroupFitness classes in your club or gym. This special mat has got more than 2.000 smooth knobs and compact measurement of 60 x 40 cm. Brasil Base is an activating placeholder and massage tool in one. Use the massage Senso effect in your training – secure and uncomplicated. Available as single piece or in a set with Brasil or with Brasil and Brasil DVD (german language). Set 2 Brasil® „Bewegungsprofi“-Set Art.No. Contents: PU: 470637 Brasil Base 4 805054 Brasil Base & Brasil Set of 2 (Set 1) 4 805055 Brasil Base, Brasil Set of 2 & DVD Bodystyling mit Brasil (Set 2) 4 Size: ca. 60 cm x 40 cm (Brasil Base) Contents: in a deco-box Material: Ruton Colour: green Brasil „Bewegungsprofi“-Set The educators of KNS – the gym, sports and dance academy – developed the new motion programme „Bewegungsprofi” especially for schools. The fun mobility break takes 10 to 15 minutes and trains the students not only physically but mentaly as well and increases their concentration and motivation. Central part of the programme is the TOGU training tool “Brasil”. more information on Healthy Training Contents: 1 x TOGU Brasil (Set of 2); 1 x training instructions. Art.No. Contents: PU: 805034 each in polybag with instruction 10 Material: Ruton 50

Jacaranda® NEW! Jacaranda Smart and Clever. Jacaranda® - modern back training by TOGU. Experience the gentle challenge of the air and weighted filling move inside the Jacaranda. This movement creates vibrations which transfer to your body, allowing you to train your deep lying muscles, help stabilize your body, while at the same time keeping it flexible and upright. The autochthonous back muscles, which stabilize the spine, and the muscles of the abdomen, pelvic floor and diaphragm, can be trained by holding, moving and controlling the Jacaranda. The Jacaranda creates a lively and exciting work out, with multiple exercises, all from a ball. With a weight of just 400 grams, and with free moving stainless steel balls inside, the Jacaranda is particularly easy on joints during training, yet at the same challenges many of our body senses. Develop your flexibility, strength and coordination with just one work out. Medicine Ball TOGU® Mini-dumbbell NEW! actisan® Art.No.: Colour: Size ca.: Ø ca. Weight: 400730 yellow 14 cm 400 g PU: 6 Material: Ruton, stainless steel balls Medicine Ball The Medicine ball – made in Germany by TOGU: Latex-free weight balls. Slipproof. For your training of stability, coordination and power more effectiveness is possible by using more tools together. From 0.5 kg up to 5 kg. Preserves floors and walls. Very dynamic and bouncy. Medicine Ball actisan: Classic medicine ball now available also as selfdesinfecting training tool. For hygienic use in group training. NEW: Fascial Fitness Medicine ball in 2kg in red developed for Fascial Fitness educational concept. Art.No.: Colours: ca. Size: ca. Weight: PU: 420500 red, black (actisan) 21 cm 0 500 g 20 420800 blue, black (actisan) 21 cm 0 800 g 20 421000 red, black (actisan) 21 cm 0 1000 g 20 421500 brown, black (actisan) 28 cm 0 1500 g 8 422000 brown, red (Fascial 28 cm 0 2000 g 8 Fitness), black (actisan) 423000 blue, black (actisan) 28 cm 0 3000 g 8 424000 green, black (actisan) 34 cm 0 4000 g 4 425000 red, black (actisan) 34 cm 0 5000 g 4 Contents: bulk Material: Ruton or Ruton with actisan Specials: with needle valve TOGU Mini-dumbbell The new TOGU Mini-dumbbells– classic form, new look. Ideal for home fitness or in the gym, sports training and therapy. Advantage compared to usual handle weights: by using our special material Ruton, floors are not damaged if the dumbbell hits the groun. The material is easy to clean and skin-friendly. The knobbed area makes for a smooth, secure and anti-slip grip. Available in three weights. Weight- and Dumbbell Training Art.No. : Colour: Weight: Packing unit 670250 springgreen 250 g 20 670500 pink 500 g 10 670100 blue 1000 g 6 Size: ca. 13 x 4,5 cm Ø (250 g); ca. 19 x 7,5 cm Ø (500 g + 1000 g) Contents: bulk Material: Ruton with special weight-filling Healthy Training 51

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