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Tubes and Bands Healthy

Tubes and Bands Healthy Training Therafloss® Band Theragym® Band / Powerband Theragym® Loop / Powerband Loop NEW! Therafloss Band The TheraFloss tape is available as an elastic band in two different strengths. It is used in physiotherapy for mobilization, improving the range of motion and releasing bonds of the tissue. The TheraFloss band can be used independently and in combination with TOGU training tools. The application done by a physical therapist causes a targeted and temporary inhibiting the fluid exchange of the cells. If the tape is released, the blood flows back into the underserved area, which can lead to a stimulation of the metabolism. In connection with mobilizing movements by tensions and adhesions can be solved. The ribbon has a length of 2m and a width of 5 cm. The strength is in the red version and 1.02 mm for the black 1.5mm. Art.No.: Colour: Size ca.: 650240 red 2 m x 50 mm x 1 mm 650260 black 2 m x 50 mm x 1,5 mm Packing unit: 1 Contents: in a polybag Material: Latex Theragym Band / Powerband Small tool – great effect. Stretch, strengthen or condition. Ideal for travel. Available in 4 levels. New - now also available in a length of 240 cm! Size: Art.No.: Art.No.: Art.No.: Art.No.: Light Middle Heavy Extra heavy green /yellow pink /green purple / blue red / black 120 x 7,5 cm / with Clip 650100 650110 650120 650130 120 x 15 cm / with Clip 650200 650210 650220 650230 240 x 7,5 cm 650560 650500 650510 650520 240 x 15 cm 650660 650610 650670 650620 500 x 7,5 cm 650300 650310 650320 650330 500 x 15 cm 650350 650360 650370 650380 Packing unit: 10 Contents: with exercise poster in a polybag Material: Latex Specials: Powerband length 25m– 15 cm wide (price on request) Theragym Loop / Powerband Loop The Powerband Loop is an elastic band for varied use in functional resistance training to improve strength, mobility and balance. It is easy to store and transport and can be used everywhere: at home, in a gym or at your office workplace. Ideal for functional exercises with resistance. Powerband Loop is also perfect to combine with dynamic training tools as Dynair, Aero-Step Pro or Jumper. Available in light-yellow, middle-green, strong-blue, extrastrong-black NEW: Now also awailable in a set with all the 4 different Theragym Loops. Art.No.: Colours: Size: 808202 yellow, green, blue, black 27-30 x 5 cm; Set of 4 650810 yellow / light ca. 30 x 5 cm 650820 green / middle ca. 29 x 5 cm 650830 blue / heavy ca. 28 x 5 cm 650840 black / extra heavy ca. 27 x 5 cm PU: 10 Contents: in a polybag Material: Latex 64

Theragym® Tube Theragym® Pro TOGU® Tower 2 2 1 1 3 Theragym Tube and Theragym Tube Loop The Theragym Tubes and the Theragym Tube Loops are versatile resistance training devices for complete body toning. The special coating of the elastic tube increases the safety and comfort. Combined with many other TOGU tools, the Theragym Tubes and the Theragym Tube Loops are suitable as an ideal complement for a challenging workout. Available in 4 different levels of resistance from light to very heavy. Theragym Tube Art.Nr.: Colour: Size ca.: 980023 yellow (light) ca. 122 cm 980022 green (medium) ca. 122 cm 980024 blue (heavy) ca. 122 cm 980026 black (very heavy) ca. 122 cm Theragym Tube Loop Art.No.: Colour: Size ca.: 980013 yellow (light) ca. 70 cm 980012 green (medium) ca. 70 cm 980014 blue (heavy) ca. 70 cm 980015 black (very heavy) ca. 70 cm PU: 1 Contents: in a polybag Theragym Pro Theragym Pro is available as a complete set of 6 bands with 2 hand grips and 2 foot straps as well as single set of each color and resistance as a set of 2 with 2 hand grips. The Theragym Pro complete set (1) consists of: 6 special elastic bands (made in Germany) with light (yellow), medium (red) and strong (green) resistances plus 2 handle grips and 2 foot loops. The even resistances are ideal for separate use or in combination with the TOGU Tower as pulley. Thus, the Theragym Pro complete set (1) offers a complete training system, saving space for private and professional use. Optional use in combination with TOGU Tower. Art.No.: Name: Colour: 980053 Theragym Pro - Set of 2 (incl. 2 handles) yellow (light) 980052 Theragym Pro - Set of 2 (incl. 2 handles) red (medium) 980056 Theragym Pro - Set of 2 (incl. 2 handles) green (strong) 980011 Theragym Pro - complete set (1) yellog/red/green 980051 Theragym Pro - set of 2 foot straps (2) black Size: each Theragym Pro ca. 140 cm length PU: 1 Material: rubber, fully covered with Polyester textile TOGU Tower The TOGU Tower - made in Germany - is an individually and continuously heightadjustable retention system for versatile resistance training. The TOGU Tower is attached to a wall of the training or therapy room and different resistance training systems can be attached. The trainee has got full range of movement and the possibility of different heights and directions. The system is used with a double joint (two bands / tubes mounted) and with a single joint (one band / tube mounted). Standard mounting material is included. The individual requirements for wall mounting should be observed. On request, we offer a custom-made in various types of wood and color tones. The wood material used is robust and easy to clean TOGU Tower with Theragym Pro Complete-Set (3) Connected with the TOGU Tower the Theragym Pro Complete Set (3) is ideal for use as a pulley. The Theragym Pro Complete Set (3) consists of special elastic bands (made in Germany) with three different resistances plus handles and foot straps. Art.No.: Name: 980010 TOGU Tower Single (1) 980020 TOGU Tower Double (2) 980020 TOGU Tower Double (2) with Theragym Pro Set (3) Size: 225 x 35 x 2 cm Packing Unit: 1 Contents: two pieces in a carton box Material: birch wood, aluminium Tubes and Bands Healthy Training 65

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