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Senso® Balance Pad + XL

Senso® Balance Pad + XL set of 2 Senso Balance Pad + XL set of 2 This is an addition to the Senso Balance product line. It can be incorporated into any therapy thanks to the soft and hard-wearing material and the raised nodules, and also enables another level to be built into sensorimotor training. Available in a range of colours, the pads are an excellent aid when introducing people to walking therapies and multi-sensory training sessions. The low height of the Senso Balance Pads also gives them added versatility as position markers in any gymnasium and in any type of sport. Available in two sizes and 3 colours. Kindergarden and School Senso® Ball Geo + XL Senso® Ball mini Art.No.: Colour: Size: 410510 red, yellow, blue 16 cm 410520 red, yellow, blue XL 20 cm Packing unit: 10 Contents: set of 2 in a polybag Material: Ruton Senso Ball Geo + XL The new fun and learn ball for kindergarden and leisure time. The variety of geometric shapes and bright colours is perfect for increasing perception, concentration and coordination. Ideal grip by using the geometric shapes. Available in 4 colours and two sizes. Art.No.: Colour: Size: 0 PU: 465130 red, yellow, green pink (mixed) 9 cm 12 465120 red, blue, green, pink (mixed) XL 18,5 cm 10 Contents: in a polybag Material: Ruton Max. Load: ca. 200 kg Senso Ball mini Roll – massage – enhance blood circulation. Gently activate the body. Stimulate meridians – start the energy flow. Stimulating knobs on the entire ball for long lasting effects. Sizes: 9 cm, 11 cm Also available as Geo-Version with geometric forms! Senso® Mat Mini / Senso® Mat Art.No.: Colour: Size: 465300 blue, red 9 cm 465500 blue, red 11 cm Packing unit: 50 Contents: bulk Material: Ruton Senso-Mat Mini / Senso Mat To stimulate the ability of tactile perception of babies and infants. Suitable for ergotherapy or in kindergarten. The Senso® Mat can be combined with different bases for countless balance variations. Almost 7.000 Senso® nobbles massage and stimulate. The classic in a new dimension - 60 x 40 cm. Use this small but nevertheless generously studded mat to awaken your senses. 74 Art.No.: colour: Size: 400410 blue 120 x 60 cm 400413 amethyst 120 x 60 cm 400420 amethyst, blue 60 x 40 cm Size: 120 x 60 cm or 60 x 40 cm Packing unit: 4 Contents: in deco-box Material: Ruton

Soft ball Soft ball Soft and light ball made of foamed material. Play- and Sportsballs Art.No.: Article: PU: Size: 0 ca. 560720 Soft-Ball grooved set of 2 200 7 cm 560700 Soft-Tennisball grooved 400 7 cm 561900 Soft-Trainingsball 18 19 cm 562100 Soft-Trainingsball 14 21 cm 580700 Soft-Trainingsball without grooves 400 7 cm 560900 Soft-Ball 200 9 cm Colour: yellow Contents: Shipping box Material: foamed material Play- and Sportsballs We offer multitude of play- and sportsballs. You will find our whole product range in our „Play & Sports 2017“ manual. Ask us, or scan the qr-code and get directly to the pdf-download of our manual „Play & Sports 2017“. Kindergarden and School Punktball White dots on a coloured background is an absolute classic. You are never wrong with a dotted ball. Assorted in the colours red, blue and green. Euroliga® Neon Even in high grass it can’t be missed. Colorful and eye-catching this ball will make every game feel like a League. Special: hand decorated ball Putting Shot Art.No.: Name: PU: Size: 0 ca. 217150 Punktball 10 14 cm / 5,5“ 217190 Punktball 10 23 cm / 9“ 138000 Euroliga Neon 10 23 cm / 9“ Material: Ruton Putting Shot Indestructible, will not damage the gym floor. The perfect competition preparation possible. To use indoor and outdoor. From 1 kg up to 9 kg. Art.No.: Colour: Weight: Size 0: 631000 black 1000 g 9,5 cm 631500 black 1500 g 9,5 cm 632000 black 2000 g 9,5 cm 632500 black 2500 g 9,5 cm 633000 black 3000 g 11 cm 634000 black 4000 g 11 cm 635000 black 5000 g 12,5 cm 636000 black 6000 g 13,5 cm 637200 black 7250 g 13,5 cm 660080 black 8000 g 13,5 cm 660090 black 9000 g 13,5 cm Packing unit: 2 Contents: Shipping box Material: Hytrel 75

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