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Training and education,

Training and education, partners and educators FT-COACH ® – the next generation FT-Coach (Functional Training Coach) is a practical-oriented training concept based on scientific facts and many years of experience in training and therapy. FT-Coach is directed at both physical education teacher, personal fitness trainers, coaches and physiotherapists who want to get to know the specific characteristics of modern functional training and enhance their knowledge. Basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinetics and biomechanics is required. The training concept includes 5 modules: module I is a two-day seminar, the modules II-V are each one-day seminars. Contents Module I*: „Assessment and Corrective Training“ ¬ Principles of Functional Training ¬ Functional anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics ¬ Understanding Movement: proprioception and coordination ¬ Functional Assessment (Posture, Breathing, Mobility, Stability, Fundamental Movement Patterns) ¬ Corrective Training of Movement Pattern deficits ¬ Creating corrective training strategies for different levels and types ¬ Creating effective and safe Functional Training programs for different levels Further modules) ¬ Module II: „CORE Performance“ ¬ Module III: „Strength Conditioning“ ¬ Module IV: „Athletic Development” ¬ Module V: „Active Recovery“ Further Information: *The contents of module I are considered as required for all the following FT-Coach modules Panos Pantas Panos Pantas has a PhD in biochemistry and is working as a personal trainer and international presenter of functional training in Europe and Asia for more than 20 years. He is the owner of the Rebody center in Barcelona ( for more than 5 years. Panos is one of the developers of the FT Coach training concept. His international team and he are representing FT-Coach worldwide since 2013. 94

Funktionelles Zirkeltraining – das moderne Sensomotoriktraining Developed by DTB ¬ The functional circle training is an attractive offer for the club, because of the diversified training which addresses men and women alike and also because there is no need to provide the same tool to every single participant. Using the slogan “fitness center gym” the circle offers a modern concept for clubs, ranging with its possibilities all the way to installing a fixed circle in a separate room as an introductory fitness studio. ¬ The functional circle training concept is based on the latest available scientific knowledge. It combines functional strenght exercises, core training and sensomotoric training. Nine coordinated circles offer an ideal training and fun for all. The target group contains health and fitness athletes as well as active contest athletes. Due to the ability of variation, each of the workout stations can be adjusted to the groups demand. Training and education, partners and educators Jumper ® – Cardio Strength Interval Training Developed by Panos Pantas ¬ challenging stabilization and balance exercises, with a high fun factor and an ingenious trampoline effect ideal for group training! ¬ The intense interval training is hard on calories and contributes to a healthy weight loss ¬ The jumper has been awarded with the AGR Quality seal (campaign for a healthy back) Workshops | Inhouse Training Panos Pantas 95

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