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Training and education,

Training and education, partners and educators DYNAIR ® XXL and Fascia in Motion developed by Gunda Slomka Fascia in Motion The education programme „fascia in motion „ by Gunda Slomka represents a mix between theoretical basis mediation and its implementation and applicability for the fitness and group fitness training. The concept for the training tool Dynair® XXL : Stability training in a new dimension. With the special concepts: Dynair® XXL Yoga and Pilates Dynair® XXL by Michaela Busch and Christiane Wolff Workshops | Inhouse Training Dynair ® Ballkissen Gunda Slomka Michaela Busch Christiane Wolff FASZIO ® – Holistic fascial training developed by Heike Oellerich and Miriam Wessels FASZIO® puts scientific findings into motion: The varied , multi-directional training gives impulses for your whole body , all the senses and is geared to the requirements of a healthy everyday life . The movement concept of FASZIO® includes 6 strategies that make flexible and movable and give explosive strength and stability. In the theoretical knowledge training will be generally understandable way and given suggestions to develop one‘s understanding of movement with new inspirations. Successful completion entitled to designate „DTB FASZIO® instructor“. Education | Inhouse Training Heike Oellerich Miriam Wessels 96

BRASIL ® - an effect that reaches deep inside Developed by Gabi Fastner ¬ fast – easy – effective. ¬ innovative body shape training with a profound shaking effect. ¬ an ingenious filling consisting of air and weight offers an exact feed back on your movements ¬ small, handy, easy on your joints! Workshops | Inhouse Training Training and education, partners and educators Gabi Fastner The new back school from the Confederation of German Back Schools The bio-psycho-social concept of the new back school takes account of physical aspects as well as providing methods of relaxation and dealing with pain. The new back school is based on the quality standards of the Confederation of German Back Schools and has gained support from the German Ministry for Health and the German health insurance funds. The key content of the concept includes the improvement of coordination abilities, increasing core stability and promoting daily physical activity. The use of small items of special equipment helps achieve these goals. Sitting balls, ball cushions and various other movable supports help with the coordination and proprioceptive training concept. The small items of equipment also encourage course participants to incorporate the exercise programme into their free time. Workshops | Inhouse training Dynair ® Ballkissen Ulrich Kuhnt (Manager of the Back School in Hannover, member of the management team at the German Association of Back Schools) 97

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