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TOGU ® for children

TOGU ® for children (Dynair XXL, Jumper, Powerball) Concept assistance by Kirsten Riedel and Tanja Finken Training and education, partners and educators ¬ Full-body workout through play ¬ Variety of exercises with Dynair ® XXL, Jumper, AeroStep, Powerball, etc. ¬ Challenge and encouragement for children in “shaky” situations ¬ Training of sensorimotor functions and coordination as the basis for: • Brain development • Self-discovery and body awareness • Self-confidence and self-esteem Workshops | Inhouse Training Kirsten Riedel Tanja Finken Jumper ® Double Developed by Gabi Fastner and Michael Pistauer and Patrick Arnold Jumper double is a set of two Jumper mini: one in green and one in red with a concept workout concept for more effect and fun in your training. It allows new possibilities in your fitness and health training improving balance, coordination and strength. You can use it in group and also personal training. Different positions and the both sides to use of the Jumper double create a huge variety of exercise progressions. To play with both colours red and green can increase physical and mental fitness. Ideal to use in Group Fitness classes, Functional Training und therapy. Workshops | Inhouse Training Gabi Fastner Michael Pistauer Patrick Arnold 98

TOGU ® PHYSIO – experience the sensorimotoric function + Functional Training Concept assistance by Sven Kruse and Michaela Kreitmair This concept is adjusted to: ¬ the application with inflated sensorimotoric training equipment for the improvement of the sensorimotoric system (intense sensing and (stimulus) processing), stabilisation and strength ¬ the improvement of the coordination of the local and global system and the creation of new moving patterns • Learn more about the incredible versatility of the Jumper, Aero-Step Pro, Dynair-Series and many other TOGU products. • TOGU-Training equipment can be applied from the beginning during a therapy and will put your patients in best shape again. Inhouse Training Training and education, partners and educators Sven Kruse Michaela Kreitmair Specialists for back-friendly situational prevention Developed by the AGR e.V. (Campaign for Healthier Backs) - a distance learning course for doctors and therapists ¬ Supports the doctor/therapist in the day-to-day work of advising patients, extending the range of services provided and helping those suffering from backache in the difficult task of making their surroundings back-friendly. ¬ AGR-trained „specialists for back-friendly situational prevention“ thus act as the ideal contact point for people seeking to take a preventive approach or who already suffer from backache -private and the working environment. ¬ In many cases, these „specialists“ also offer workplace analysis and advice. For more Information ¬ doctors and therapists 99

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