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CE China Daily 2018 - Day 2 Edition

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CE China Daily 2018 - Day 2

DAY 2 FRIDAY 4 TH MAY 2018 By Cleverdis, the publisher of IFA International BUYERS’ GUIDE FRIDGES E-Commerce 3.0 Comes Alive CE China 2018 gives deep insights into latest trends together with Asian distribution SMART IS COOL The uptake of connected appliances by consumers is likely to be driven around the refrigeration category, which will manage food provisions helping consumers to waste less, as well as eating a wider variety of healthy foods, ordering replacement items and receiving menu suggestions via smartphone technology. Find out more, in our buyers’ guide, on page 7. Roland Gerke Chairman & President, BSH Home Appliances Holding (China) Co., Ltd. Read page 5 Visitors to this year’s edition of CE China will have the opportunity to get deep insights into latest e-commerce trends. Today, the E-Commerce Export Forum will be hosted by the Shenzhen E-commerce Service Center, partner of CE China. The E-Commerce Export Forum is yet another opportunity for brands, manufacturers and retailers to learn about latest trends at CE China 2018. Yesterday, the new IFA Retail University offered a wide range of power-briefings from market research companies, international brands, manufacturers and innovators. Indeed, as China is a global case example of online product marketing, top brands present at CE China, such as BSH (see our exclusive interview – page 5) or Haier, with their high-end Casarte brand, are able to gain new THE E-COMMERCE EXPORT FORUM IS YET ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY FOR BRANDS, MANUFACTURERS AND RETAILERS TO LEARN ABOUT LATEST TRENDS AT CE CHINA 2018 value from this exceptional platform provided by CE China. This year, Haier is presenting the “Haier U+ Smart Life” in four zones at CE China: Smart Living, Smart Kitchen, Smart Bath and Smart Sleeping. With outstanding new products on show, CE China is again an excellent platform for business networking. TRADE TALK HOME APPLIANCES Chen Zhang CTO, The Chinese e-commerce landscape is already one of the most developed in the world, but continues to see tremendous changes. About 18% of retail takes place online in China, about double that of the US. » Read page 4 Natalia Andrievskaya Global Director, Major Domestic Appliances, GfK Online channel is still a driver of the MDA market, adding that this doesn’t cannibalise offline, but brings incremental growth. In 2017, 25% of global sales were online, as opposed to 23.7% in 2016 and 21.7% in 2015. » Read page 6