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The Alcatel brand

The Alcatel brand delivers customised user experiences with innovative, feature-rich, high-performance mobile devices for business users. Contact your Account Manager or call 08702 420 420 Alcatel 1066 The Alcatel 1066 features a bright 1.8" display, a standard 12-button keypad, camera and a built-in FM Radio. Designed for convenience, the handset comes with a phone directory, a calendar, a currency convertor, an alarm clock, a fake call function and torch light. This compact, easy to use device has all the standard requirements of a mobile phone. Alcatel 2038X The Alcatel 2038X is a simple to use phone with a bright 2.4" display, 12-button keypad, FM radio and VGA camera for taking photos and video. With 3G connectivity, the 2038X gives your customers access to the internet and social media apps. UK Number 1 in feature phone UK Number 1 in PAYG UK Nu sub £10 PAGE 24

Alcatel 1X (2019) Alcatel 1X's powerful dual camera helps your customers capture what's real. Post-shot refocusing lets them focus on what matters most, while its depth of field sensor lets them create pictures with real depth and real bokeh blur. The Alcatel 1X also features NFC and is completed with nature-inspired pebble-painted finishing that's fingerprint, scratch and slip-resistant. Alcatel 3 (2019) A powerful core, Snapdragon chipset, long-lasting battery and radiant design, Alcatel 3 has both style and substance. Its powerful dual rear camera with AI and AR technology gives your customers the high-quality photos they crave, while it's HD+ Super Full View Display delivers them a screen perfect for viewing, streaming and sharing. mber 1 0 UK Number 1 in Mobile Broadband UK Number 4 by volume PAGE 25