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Samsung Galaxy Order now

Samsung Galaxy Order now Contact your Account Manager or call 08702 420 420 Our most secure phone With 61% of SMEs reporting a cyberattack 1 — it’s never been more important for your customers to keep their company data secure. Security breaches in 2018 Encryption Software Mobile devices most vunerable to defend 58%6 9% 56% of victims SMEs 2 of SMEs without protection 3 of SMEs agree 4 Samsung Security protects business on the go Samsung realise the importance of keeping business data safe and secure. That’s why we develop the tools that will help your customers protect theirs. With the Galaxy S10 range, security is built from the chip up to protect the phone’s hardware and software from hacks, scams and cybercriminals—securing your PAGE 30

Knox defence-grade security built from the chip up No matter where your customers go, or what they do, they can be sure their business data stays secure with superior protection that’s easy to manage. Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner 5 The newest way for your customers to keep their phone and information safe. It reads every ridge and notch of a user’s gain access. Facial Recognition The convenient way for your customers to access business information. A quick scan of their face and they’re ready to work. Secure Folder An invaluable feature that allows your customers to keep their work and personal information separate and protected on a single phone. Find My Mobile With this feature your customers they can remotely lock its screen, back up information to the Samsung Cloud or even delete all stored phone data. With the Galaxy S10 range, your customers can work with that their business data stays secure. 1 Computer Weekly SMEs more vunerable than ever to cyber attacks 2017 2 Accenture 2017, Cost of Cyber Crime Study 3 Member Data Insights 2017, London Digital Security Centre 4 Computer Weekly SMEs more vulnerable than ever to cyber-attacks, 2017 5 Available on Galaxy S10+ and S10 PAGE 31