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The demand for rugged

The demand for rugged devices is strong and contiunes to grow. RUGGED DEVICES FOR EVERY BUDGET Traditionally, the limited durability of mobile devices has impacted their ability to survive the rigorous conditions that exist in tough environments, both outdoors and on the factory floor. Now, users can choose from a wide range of devices that can match mid-range smartphone capability, but have been specifically designed for industrial use and to survive extreme rugged testing. This increase in rugged phone performance has presented an opportunity for industries to use smartphones, to dramatically simplify operations and pare back waste. For example, it is helping to improve communication between construction crews, who can now snap pictures, record videos, make annotations, upload data, make calls and receive texts at the job site. The rise of sophisticated, rugged devices able to survive under rigorous conditions has also given birth to a new app ecosystem that is driving innovation. Our rugged portfolio can meet every budget and most industrial uses! PAGE 8

RUGGED PORTFOLIO SAMSUNG Samsung has some of the toughest rugged devices on the market. The XCover4, XCover 4S and Galaxy Tab Active2 Tablet meet the stringent IP68 standards while featuring large display screens that deliver exceptional detail. The Tab Active2 includes an ultra-strong case that provides anti-shock protection, that can withstand drops of up to 1 metre. Hammer Boasting a wide range of armoured devices, from functional feature phones to stylish smartphones. The Energy 18x9 includes a reinforced casing, a 5.7" panoramic Full-Screen HD+ IPS screen supported and a camera with a Sony 13MP + 8MP sensor, NFC and fingerprint reader. The Hammer 4+, Blade and Hammer Active 2 are also available from Data Select. AGM Based on the IP68 and MIL-STD- 810G outdoor standards, AGM has also created its own standard called OEPT (Outdoor Environment’s and Performance Test). AGM’s award-winning X3 and A9JBL include cutting-edge processors and long-life batteries. Purposely built for the toughest environments. Order today Contact your Account Manager or call 08702 420 420 Companion Products For each rugged device, we also supply a portfolio of original 3rd party companion products. PAGE 9