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ONE PLATFORM CONNECTING EVERYTHING SOTI SNAP RAPID APP DEVELOPMENT SOTI MOBICONTROL EMM SOTI CENTRAL COLLABORATE ONE CONNECTING EVERYTHING SOTI ASSIST HELP DESK SOTI CONNECT IoT SOTI INSIGHT BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ARE YOU LOOKING FOR WAYS TO MAKE YOUR ENTERPRISE MOBILITY SECURE? SOTI is a proven innovator and industry leader for simplifying business mobility and IoT solutions by making them smarter, faster and more reliable. Contact your Account Manager or call 08702 420 420 Copyright 2019© SOTI Inc. All Rights Reserved. 36

Extended warranty Most smartphone and tablet brands will provide a standard two year official warranty for device failure. With Apple devices, this is ONLY one year! With the increase in the average selling price of a device, there is evidence to suggest that ownership cycles are lengthening, as are the number of airtime and finance deals being presented beyond two years. Bastion Insurance provide an extended warranty programme for an additional one or two years’ on top of the standard issue warranty provided by the manufacturer. As with fully comprehensive insurance, there is an opportunity to earn 25% commission* based on the cost that the end user will pay. *Following the deduction of 12% IPT NOW LAUNCHED As an example, a customer can extend the warranty on their iPhone 8 by an additional one year to two years in total from just £30. Rate and banding table Banding based on RRP 1 Year 2 Year £0 - £250 £22.50 £35.00 £251 - £400 £25.00 £40.00 £401 - £1,000 £30.00 £50.00 £1,001 - £1,250 £32.50 £55.00 £1,251 - £1,600 £35.00 £60.00 The basic terms A. Breakdown If a gadget suffers electrical or mechanical breakdown which occurs outside of the manufacturer’s guarantee period, Bastion Insurance will repair it. If your gadget cannot be economically repaired, it will be replaced. B. Accessories If Bastion Insurance replace your gadget with a different make or model and this means that you can no longer use your existing accessories, Bastion Insurance will replace them too, up to a maximum value of £150. For further details, please contact your Account Manager or email Devicelife is a trading name of Bastion Insurance Services Ltd. Bastion Insurance Services Ltd are authorised and regulated by FCA, Reg No. 650727. Company Reg No. 08536306.