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Viking Jupiter Art Collection

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WINTERGARDEN | DECK 7 NICOLAUS WIDERBERG 1960 • NORWAY • GLASS Nicolaus Widerberg is a renowned Norwegian sculptor, painter and graphic artist. Inspired by ancient Greek and Egyptian sculptures, Widerberg has a footing in the figurative tradition of art and is interested in form and balance. He creates poetic works in glass, bronze, granite and marble in a classical, figurative style. Central to Widerberg’s art are depersonalized human figures, heads and torsos—often of a male and a female character. He uses the human body as a form through which he can communicate moods and a sense of presence. Widerberg also strives to create things that are “alive,” and by giving life to dead material, he hopes to make a statement about being a living human being. Widerberg is the son of the famous Norwegian artist Frans Widerberg and the brother of musician and artist Thomas Widerberg. 12

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