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Viking Jupiter Art Collection

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HOMAGE TO OUR HERITAGE Like all travelers, no matter how far our journeys take us, we like to remember where we came from. That is why—while our onboard experiences are inspired by our many destinations—our onboard art is very much an ode to our Nordic heritage. We have carefully selected a diverse spectrum of work by established as well as up-and-coming artists, most of whom are Norwegian, to complement and enhance the light-filled, Nordic-influenced interiors of Viking Jupiter. The pieces you will see throughout the ship encompass a variety of media and approaches—from digital to print, from oil paintings to photography and sculpture—and have been handpicked for the depth with which they reflect our origins and the beauty with which they capture our magnificent nature. We trust you will take the time to view original artwork by Edvard Munch, Adelsteen Normann, Christian Skredsvig, Carl Sundt-Hansen, Jakob Weidemann and Kåre Tveter, among many other great artists. Taken together, we like to think these pieces celebrate the traveler as collector of ideas and experiences, a tradition that dates back to long before the Vikings. We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy some of these works that we believe embody the spirit of our motherland.