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Viking Jupiter Art Collection

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THE RESTAURANT | DECK 2 VIBEKE SLYNGSTAD 1968 • NORWAY • OIL ON CANVAS Vibeke Slyngstad’s paintings are based on a realistic pictorial approach, but her pictures are never realistic reproductions of their subjects. Based on photographic motifs, Slyngstad’s paintings examine how our perception of reality has been mediated through film and digital images. Primarily looking to evoke feelings, the artist’s delicate use of colors adds a veil of poetic distance to the otherwise concrete scenes; they exhibit a penetrating light that creates a sense of weightlessness and transparency. Slyngstad processes her photographs digitally according to basic compositional principles. The compositions are later transferred to canvases with loose brushstrokes of thin fluid oil paint. The sum of the various parts in Slyngstad’s works is, first and foremost, the recognition that representations can only be partial and subjective. This ambivalence is something the artist has pursued throughout her career, such as with the Modern Classics series, where icons of modernist architecture and people in ambiguous postures give rise to reflections on the relationship between rational enlightenment and the more mystical dimensions of our human lives. The artist’s most recent series, Big Bend, is based on photographs taken during a trip to Big Bend National Park in 2016. The area, also known as the “Ghost Mountains,” is located in southern Texas along the border of Mexico, in the middle of trails once used by the Comanche. In the series, Slyngstad investigates the subject of landscape, exploring its formal and existential qualities with a stylistic approach far removed from any romantic cliché; the result is landscape paintings that are rather portraits of the location’s spirit. Distant mountains, rivers and desert valleys form a backdrop that is original in terms of color, beauty and vastness, enveloped in a mysterious aura. CITADEL IX | 2017 53