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MANFREDI’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT | DECK 1 MARTIN BECH-RAVN 1983 • DENMARK • OIL ON CANVAS Martin Bech-Ravn’s paintings move freely between abstraction and reality, and it is the tension between these two poles that is the driving force of the artist’s work. His paintings are playful and investigative, and reveal a great sense of experimentation with form. Architectural elements set the scenes; the elements are derived from both popular culture and everyday life, and are put together into formal compositions where each element is assigned a new meaning and function. Through clear perspectives and a heavy use of colors, Bech-Ravn creates figurative gambols full of surprising moments. Relying heavily on spontaneity and process, Bech-Ravn’s paintings originate from his own life and the people, objects and situations that surround him. His paintings’ starting point is abstract and they find their future form through a primarily abstract practice. In the paintings, the viewer is presented with surroundings that are somewhere between the real, the constructed and the unreal: buildings that pass through landscapes, trees growing out of nowhere, entrance-exits, interior-exteriors, pattern repetitions, vegetation and the painter’s own tools. Such seemingly misplaced elements form the motive behind Bech-Ravn’s artistic projects—actual spaces that are more like ideas of places and the situations that have, will or could happen within them. The artist himself looks at his works as reinventions that question the nature and functionality of objects and space, and how these are interpreted. Born in Denmark, Bech-Ravn lives and works in Oslo, Norway. 68